The Current Ep 6 | The next generation of clean energy tech

Wind and solar are the predominant renewable energy sources being brought online now, but what about other clean energy technologies in the future of SA's energy mix? In episode 6 of the Current, we delve into geothermal, battery advancements, innovations in nuclear, biomass, smart grids and more. If you want a peek into the future of energy, listen to host Iman Rappetti in conversation with Investec's Harold Hutchinson, Campbell Parry and Chanda Nxumalo, MD of Harmattan Renewables as they explore the pros and cons of some of the latest advancements in energy.

00:00: Introduction
01:56: Meet the guests
02:26: Size matters when it comes to wind
03:32: Solar developments in the UK
04:33: Lazard's levelised cost of energy
06:09: Battery technology advancements
08:19: Factoring in long-term weather patterns
09:33: Reimagining nuclear
12:23: Are nuclear safety concerns unfounded?
13:20: Dealing with nuclear waste
13:59: Funding of nuclear
15:30: Hydrogen only viable in long-term
17:39: Hydrogen use in fertilizer and petrochemicals
18:31: Geothermal’s potential as energy source
23:33: Tidal energy pros and cons
24:23: Biomass in the UK
25:26: Hybrid energy solutions are the answer
27:22: Smart grid technology
29:14: Tech that enables efficient use
30:54: Closing comments

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