Fresh Safe on #FreshBreakfast: Episode 5

In this episode...Adel based in Rundu failed to crack the Fresh Safe with NSK & Shai_Quan. Fresh Safe is a competition in which you stand the chance of winning the grand prize of N$16 102.09.
10 May English Namibia News · Music

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Mr Makoya on #FreshBreakfast

Mr Makoya...who has been a professional entertainer for 25 years detailed his journey and also highlighted his recent trip to the states.
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T20 chronicles: Episode 2

Namibia is currently competing in the ICC T20 World Cup 2024. With this episode, NSK hypes up the official theme song for the tournament.
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Dj Vetkuk vs Mahoota

25 year veterans took some time out to talk about their viral hit and managing trouble waters for 2 decades and some change.
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Brave Warriors vs Liberia

NSK & Shai_Quan roped in football encyclopedia Hesron Kapanga to contextualize the battle that awaits the Brave Warriors of Namibia.
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