How Hard Can It Be to guess the expensive wig from the cheap wig?

How hard can it be to tell an expensive wig and a cheap wig apart? Breakfast with Martin Bester invited Mike and Liz to a hair salon and wig hire in Linden to help them see if they could identify a cheap wig versus an expensive wig.
14 May 5AM English South Africa News Commentary · Entertainment News

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Ending Period Poverty for schoolgirls across South Africa

It’s all about Girl Power and the Dads who love them! Good Morning Angels and SPAR Women’s Challenge Tshwane managed to raise R220,000 to put vending machines stocked with sanitary towels in schools across South Africa.
12 Jun 3AM 33 min

Superfans meet singer Demi Lee Moore live on air

After Jacaranda FM listener and Demi Lee Moore superfan Maryke Kruger reached out to Martin Bester, the team just had to invite her and her husband to meet their favourite singer. Kruger told Martin Bester that she wanted to surprise her husband, Wian Kruger, by getting him to meet Moore…
7 Jun 3AM 3 min

The Angels of Middelburg come together for 14-year-old AJ Bothma

The Good Morning Angels Fund contributed R50,000 towards the Bothma's Fundraising efforts to help AJ with his medical needs. Although young AJ Bothma will never be able to play rugby or cricket again, he and his family remain positive through the help of their community and Good Morning Angels.
6 Jun 4AM 16 min