Tech Support - 14 May

Gerald tells us all about the importance of CIO's.
14 May English Namibia Business · Business News

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Spotlight Feature - 13 June

Angie speaks to Jason Kasuto, founder and managing partner of Monasa Advisory & Associates, a Namibian advisory firm specializing in Research, ESG, and Advisory services, and Chairperson of the Economic Association of Namibia.
13 Jun 9 min

AlexForbes Lead Story - 13 June

Michelle speaks to Louw Nel, Senior Political Analyst from Oxford Economics, about the possible coalitions developing after the recent SA elections.
12 Jun 12 min

Ghost Biz - 13 June

Gary speaks to The Ghost about the recently released AlexForbes results, good half-year results released by Oceana, and Rainbow Chicken having released their pre-listing numbers.
12 Jun 8 min

AlexForbes Lead Story - 11 June

Maggie speaks to Roland Brown after South Africa's elections and the economic impact the coalition and political landscape in SA might have on the Namibian economy.
11 Jun 16 min

Market Watch - 11 June

Michelle speaks to Theo Klein talking about a broad overview on credit ratings and a forward view on Namibia's credit ratings specifically.
11 Jun 9 min