The Current Ep 7 | SA's solar awakening

This year, South Africa is set to become the tenth-largest solar market in the world. In 2023 R17.5 Billion rands of solar panels were imported into this country. In the latest episode of The Current podcast series, we’re talking all things solar PV – from market dynamics to how much it costs and whether it makes commercial sense for you to install it for your business or your home. Listen to Investec’s Melanie Humphries, Bernard Geldenhuys, and SAPVIA’s De Wet Taljaard, as they enlighten us on SA’s solar boom.

00:00: Intro
01:56: Meet the guests
02:24: Overview of solar in SA and its domination
03:36: 86% of all solar is residential or rooftop
04:24: Large-scale solar PV projects
05:03: SA in comparison to other country's solar adoption
06:20: The impact of residential solar's boom on the national grid
07:16: The cost implications of installing solar
09:46: Homeowners installing solar for commercial value
11:55: Equitable access to solar power
13:55: Local manufacturing of solar lagging behind
14:49: REIPP Programme attracting substantial FDI
15:19: Feeding excess energy back into the grid
17:32: Transmission is the biggest hurdle for large-scale solar
18:50: What is wheeling and why is it important for IPPs?
21:19: Top considerations when installing rooftop solar
22:28: Maintenance of solar equipment
23:10: Loadshedding and solar's relationship is changing
24:17: SMMEs benefit from solar
25:24: What are the risks to SA's solar boom?
28:28 Closing comments and some practical advice
21 May English South Africa Business · Investing

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