Learning And Teaching Godly Manhood

Men need to be reminded that their identity comes from Jesus Christ! We’ll combat toxic masculinity with a message for men about their influence, passion, and the importance of surrendering their lives to God!
18 Jun 6PM English South Africa Society & Culture · Religion & Spirituality

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God’s Good News for Your Life ( Part 2 of 2 )

Who do you most want to impress.....God, or the people around you? Comedian Ken Davis demonstrates the folly in trying to impress other people – with some unforgettable results!
15 Jul 6PM 25 min

God’s Good News For Your Life ( Part 1 of 2 )

“You only go around once in life, so grab all the gusto you can.” You’ll hear how grabbing all the “gusto” that the world has to offer can often lead to tragic consequences – while God offers a much more fulfilling life.
14 Jul 6PM 25 min

Building Courage In Your Family

In our fear-driven world, your family may lose faith and forget to trust God. Kevin Thompson offers insight on maintaining hope in your home by building courage into your family. You’ll be encouraged to make decisions through the lens of love so you and your family can live fearlessly.
11 Jul 6PM 25 min

Teaching Kids To Love God And Serve Others Well

Successful parenting doesn’t “just happen” — you have to be intentional about how you raise your kids. But you’ll never be successful without God’s help! We’ll examine how character training and focusing on your children’s hearts can have a tremendous impact on their lives!
10 Jul 6PM 25 min

Leading Your Family As A Single Mom (Part 2 of 2)

As a single parent, you’re doing the job of two people and giving your all for your children! We explore some of the best decisions you can make as the solo leader of your family—things like choosing to thrive, creating a nurturing home, introducing your child to Jesus, and learning…
9 Jul 6PM 25 min