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Women. You are queens of our nation. The mother of our home. The pride of our Children. A light always left on. You are refined in your ways. A woman of substance, substantially phased by her everyday conscience. A conscience that uplifts not just her home, but the home of her breathren. Styled as a graceful woman on her throne, empowering lives to be filled with pride, hope, love, beauty, nourishment, soul, faith. Bring your ears closer now and your mind will explode and be inspired by the words, of CoverMode.
29 Nov 2015 English South Africa Design

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Brand Values, SA Menswear & more...

Great first Start to season 2 of @CoverMode hosted by @RoshanIsaacs and a bonus with it being World Hijab Day. This week featured: In the Business of Fashion Magnets shared their brands values and what's required to feature SA Menswear AW16 Designer Feature was the classic and timeless Seruna Sharing…
1 Feb 2016 42 min

Online Shopping

Guest: Shehaam Abrahams - Digital Marketer and Designer Guest: Waseefah Hutton - House of Bespoke
28 Sep 2015 46 min

The Beauty of the Design Industry

Featured on CoverMode today: The Business of Fashion: Sumaiya De'Mar of SA Fashion Law Designer Feature: Cherry Blossom Couture People of Interest: ‪#‎LaaiqahIsaacs‬ blogger of ‪#‎SouthernHijaabian‬ Join Roshan Isaacs at 12pm as she explores the beauty of the design industry…
8 Feb 2016 43 min

Islamic Identity

Maintaining your Islamic Identity in all you do. Guest: Mushra Hartley - Editor of Modest Muse Guest: Fatima Hassen - Minan Designs
14 Sep 2015 46 min

Style and Modesty - Episode 1

Can style and modesty co-exist? Guest: Imrah Haraby - Yoga instructor Guest: Abasiya Achilles, Founder of Hijab Fashion Week and owner of Fabulous in Hijab Guest: Rushda Behardien - Blogger and Designer of Rubie's Closet
7 Sep 2015 47 min