263Chat Health Talk Show, Hosted by Faith Zvorufura

This week's health talk show focused on dental health with Dr Tariro Manyanga from the City of Harare Health department.Every detail about how to take care of our teeth and practice good oral hygiene at home is encompassed in this interview
1 Sep 2017 English Zimbabwe Government · News

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Women’s Participation in 2018 Elections by Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe

On this first episode of The 263Chat Show, The show is hosted by, Fazila Mahomed as she aims to raise issues on Political Accountability by women in the 2018. She is joined by Kuda Chitsike from The Research and Advocacy Unit Heather Koga from ZESN, and Virginia Muwanigwa from the…
9 Jul 2017 59 min

The Youth & Road to 2018 with Godfrey Tsenegamu

The 263Chat bring you another episode of The Youth & The Road to 2018 hosted by Lovejoy Mutongwiza a 263Chat Journalist. In this episode we have an exclusive with Godfrey Tsenengamu former Zanupf Mash central youth chairperson now the leader of a youth organisation he has formed. Tsenengamu explains his…
27 Jul 2017 1 hr 05 min

Keeping Up with Baba & Mai Charamba

Philemon Jambaya and Shingirai Muringi interview veteran musicians Baba na Mai Charamba on their journey in music. The two musical icons also take time to talk about their forthcoming albums.
16 Aug 2017 45 min