Ep 189 - The Blaqs episode - Zim Cricket drama, engagements, Zoey's sex school and cutting an ex off

Larry Kwirirayi — An action packed episode sees me host award-winning director Blaqs as we talk about his non-work stuff, from Tytan-Olinda/Kuda-Nomaliso engagements, the Zimbabwe cricket drama, Zoey's sex school and how to cut off an ex. All this in the longest episode of the #KwiriCast to date...
31 Mar 2018 English Zimbabwe News

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Ep 190 - Winnie, Vimbai Zimuto video and five types of cheating

Larry Kwirirayi — In this week's episode I talk about the Vimbai Zimuto video, the Unplugged drama (class issues), Danai Gurira latest and five types of cheating. Also some Winnie Mandela in her words (from Felicia Mabuza-Suttle) and much more.
13 Apr 2018 27 min