Awards Awards Awards ft Kudzanai Thodhlana

In this episode, have you ever wondered what the zimblog awards are about? Do we really need social media awards? Whats the endgame? We talk to the man behind all this, founder of the tribe of influencers Kudzanai Thondhlana to get a better understanding of the award ceremonies. He also explains the role he played in the Fringe Festival and goes deeper to explain if the festival was a protest against HIFA. We also talked about the Zimdancehall summit and Drake dropping a new album. If you remember hit tv series The Wire, you're going to enjoy our celebrity story segment because Kudzi got a chance to hang out with Woody Harris however during the recording he had forgotten who "the dude" was and i was convinced it was Michael K Williams but after the recording Kudzi cleared it up and said it was definitely Woody Harris.