#3  Live Presentation: Naked Tech

Sumarie Greybe & Ernest North - Co-Founders of Naked Insure

Sumarié has built a career as one of the leading short-term insurance actuaries in South Africa. She headed short-term insurance consulting at her own firm, Quindiem Consulting, for over 15 years. In 2011, Quindiem was acquired by EY and Sumarie became a Partner at EY and Head of EY Africa’s Africa Actuarial Services Short Term Insurance Practice. Over the years, Sumarie served as actuarial advisor to most of South Africa’s large insurers.

Ernest North is a fully qualified short-term insurance actuary, previously head of pricing at Hannover Reinsurance (the African branch of the global German provider), then consulted to various insurers across Southern and East Africa for 5 years, before leading product development as the Underwriting and Actuarial Director at a South African insurance group.

With Alex Thomson they Co-founded Naked (development kicking off in October 2016) which launched in April 2018
Season 1 / Episode 3 12 Sep 2018 English South Africa Business · Investing

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