Protecting children's rights during a lockdown

There are many things under threat during a national lockdown: jobs, availability of resources, access to education, to name a few. But there are people who are working hard to ensure that the rights of children are not on the list of things under threat.

In this episode we hear from Angie Makwetla Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission Responsible for Children's Rights. She offers perspective on how children’s rights have been impacted by COVID-19 and the lockdown – and why she’s hopeful that we’ll emerge stronger as a nation on the other side of this pandemic.

Children at Heart is a UNICEF South Africa podcast in partnership with Heartlines. This series is produced by Audiodacious.

Series producers: Mzamo Moloi. Nevelia Moloi
Host: Nevelia Moloi
Engineer & editor: Mzamo Moloi
Music: "Crystal Clarity" by Space-Mono
14 Apr 2020 English South Africa Kids & Family · Non-Profit

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