Startup to Shutdown - Episode 1

For the first episode, Paul and Rhett introduce themselves and the Startup to Shutdown Podcast. They share their separate journeys that both began at Flight Training College in George almost 10 years ago and retrace their different career paths up until today where the Startup to Shutdown show begins.

We'll briefly touch on some of the many themes and discussion topics to come in the following episodes and open the floor for your input, feedback and any suggestions.

Firstly, for those who think they might have an idea, please take a stab at our first audience interaction game of "Guess Paul's Age!"
(listen closely for a ballpark figure)

Secondly, anything you'd specifically like to hear from this show or suggested guests we could interview, please click on the link below or send us an email to get in touch.

For the chance to feature in a future episode, send us your voice notes!

This show is created for aviators, by aviators. With the goal of providing as much value as we possibly can. Without your feedback, we can't know what it is you'd like. So please help us improve this experience for all.

Thank you for listening and all your support. We hope you enjoy the show!

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30 May 2020 English South Africa Aviation · Careers

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