Whats really happening on the ground

Nyasha and Nomaliso join Onai on this episode of the NOOG. As they have been away for a bit, they try and break down whats been happening on the political spheres of the teapot shaped country. They first evaluate the success of the 31 July Protest and Nomaliso explains why all businesses were doing "stock take" on that day. They also talk about the #ZimbabweanLivesMatter trend and if the reach that it did across the world will change the fate of Zimbabwe's history. In the final segment, Onai tries to defend Misred against the backlash that she received from statements she said in radio interview from a Ghanaian radio station this past week..Nomaliso thinks otherwise. This and the usual clever craziness in this episode.

Alternative episode titles
1. Was Misred, Miss - read?
2. Were we were when we were gone
3. Did you notice that the second title is made up of words that starts with "W" except for one word?

Twitter: @capital26free @noognation
10 Aug 2020 English Explicit Zimbabwe Society & Culture · Technology

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