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Welcome to East Coast Radio Podcasts, your go-to destination for fresh and exciting South African podcasts featuring a range of inspiring and intriguing personalities. Whether you're in the mood for a thought-provoking discussion or a captivating story, you'll find it all here. Best of all, all our content is available to listen to for free.

Our original podcasts offer a diverse range of content and topics to explore. In "African Story Magic with Gcina Mhlophe," a renowned global storyteller, Gcina Mhlophe, shares tales from Africa's rich oral tradition. Whether you prefer English or isiZulu, join us in keeping the magic of African storytelling alive for new generations.

If you have countless questions swirling in your mind and not enough time to find the answers, "The Carol Ofori Podcast" is perfect for you. Hosted by the award-winning Carol Ofori, this show features thought-provoking discussions and in-depth explorations of a wide variety of fascinating topics. From current affairs to wellness, Carol invites handpicked experts to answer all your burning questions.

For those who crave honest discussions about money, career, and business, "The Hustle with Justin Harrison" is the podcast for you. Harrison, who built his business empire from nothing, provides invaluable insight into the hustle game. With brutal honesty and no sugar-coating, he tackles your questions and shares his firsthand experience on how to overcome the challenges and succeed.

Don't miss out on these exciting podcasts and more. Scroll through East Coast Radio Podcasts to discover your next binge-worthy listen.
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Kindness is such a simple word. We've all experienced the joy of kindness in our lives. We all aspire to be kinder. We believe that kindness has the power to change the world. Yet, knowing how to be kinder in an increasingly tough world is sometimes hard for all of…
26 Sep 65 episodes English Relationships · Self-Improvement

The Carol Ofori Podcast

The Carol Ofori Podcast is your go-to source for answers to all the burning questions swirling in your mind. From the inner workings of Eskom's loadshedding to the safety of hair relaxers and mommy makeovers, and from the fascinating realm of the metaverse to the truth about drinking bottled water,…
21 Sep 11 episodes English Society & Culture

The Hustle with Justin Harrison

Money, motivation, and inspiration wrapped up in a brutally honest and direct podcast from a man who has walked the walk and is now talking the talk. The Hustle with Justin Harrison is the collective experience of a man who went from homeless to building his business empire on pure…
1 Aug 18 episodes English Business · Marketing

African Story Magic with Gcina Mhlophe

Step into the wonderful world of African storytelling with the globally renowned Gcina Mhlophe. In "African Story Magic with Gcina Mhlophe", Gcina shares many of the tales you grew up with, plus new stories so we can keep the magic of African storytelling alive for new generations. Listen in English…
17 May 13 episodes English Books · Performing Arts