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Recent podcast episodes

Interview with Jann Klose

New York is the current home of the Celeb Savant, Barret Edelstein’s guest this week. Jann Klose has lived in Kenya, South Africa, Germany and Northeast Ohio. Jann explains how he was introduced to the world of music when he was an exchange student in the USA, which led him…
28 May 26 min

AutoTrader Pod: Rude Awakenings and Driving Dogs

What’s the worst way to wake up? George Mienie, CEO of AutoTrader, asks Gareth and the team this question, as something unbelievable happened to someone in the USA. Also in America - a drunk driver switched positions with his dog after being pulled over!
26 May 9 min

Chunging our Wangs | Skinny Dipping with Jane Fonda | A vinegary Russian

We promise that we had a running order for this week's show, but once Dori brought up Panburgers we took a very weird detour that Chunged our Wangs. Pac-Man, paint-stripping '80s vinegar, skinny dipping with Jane Fonda, another - more obvious - name for the keytar, Paulo being blocked by…
26 May 46 min

Ask the Twins

26.05.23 Pt 2 - Celeste Ntuli and Simphiwe are so similar, some are even calling them twins, which leads to Gareth starting a new segment - 'Ask the Twins'. Simphiwe is shook to find out Celeste has given in to wearing Crocs... and how do you know you're a keeper?
26 May 1AM 54 min

Pyjama Party

26.05.23 Pt 1 - The fabulous Celeste Ntuli joins us again. The winter gets Ryan as he oversleeps for the first time. Do men wear pyjamas? Simphiwe wants to know… and the ladies are looking for love!
26 May 12AM 55 min