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Recent podcast episodes

Managing Contradictions

A somewhat controversial figure in South African politics - BOSA leader Mmusi Maimane joins The Burning Platform to discuss coalitions, and his party's prospects in the upcoming national elections… and he doesn’t hold back!
25 Apr 1 hr 01 min

Hopes and Fears

25.04.24 Pt 2 - BOSA leader Mmusi Maimane joins the show to outline his party manifesto, chat about his past as a DA member, and his thoughts on coalition governments.
25 Apr 2AM 1 hr 01 min

Running Drunk

25.04.24 Pt 1 - Gareth and Phumi get into the Senzo Meyiwa trial, wine marathons, and the ‘lock him up’ trend. Dr Mark joins the show to talk about gut health.
25 Apr 2AM 1 hr 01 min

Is Jacob Zuma the Donald Trump of SA?

Seems like Warras has a few things to get off his chest. This week our favourite duo PH and Warras take a moment to look at how the media delivers news. Warras goes as far as making the comparison of Jacob Zuma being the Donald Trump of South Africa…
24 Apr 59 min

The Hottest Travel Destinations for 2024

From opulent 5-star luxury in Dubai and Egypt... to super affordable 7-night deals in the Far East - Agie Adams from Tourvest Travel Services pops in to decode the latest travel deals for the year.
23 Apr 20 min