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Cisco’s strategy for continued growth in SA

Cisco’s strategy to continue growing its business in SA in economic downturn is the focus in this edition of the Business Day Spotlight. Host Mudiwa Gavaza is joined by Smangele Nkosi, GM of Cisco SA, at the company’s offices in Midrand’s Waterfall Precinct. Topics of discussion include: Cisco’s current position…
17 Jul 45 min

Is there an adult in the room?

The world is closer to war than it has been for decades. As the US and China square up to each other, any of the flashpoints in the Middle East, Ukraine, Taiwan and the South China Sea could erupt at any time. All it would take is one rash act…
17 Jul 57 min

Episode 158 The Murder of Lindokuhle Cele

When a young budding singer was brutally attacked in the middle of the day on a crowded road in Umlazi, the man's killer seemed to have no shame about his gruesome actions. What kind of rage or illogical hatred would cause someone to take the life of another in such…
16 Jul 33 min