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#40YearsOfHuntLascaris: Here and Now

Sitting at the helm of TBWA Hunt Lascaris Johannesburg are CEO, Karabo Denalane and Executive Creative Director, Carl Willoughby. Karabo and Carl share their more recent experiences in the storied tale of the business. Karabo’s tenure has included a monumental transformation of the agency into what it is today, a…
27 Mar 2AM 33 min

Dr Andrew White

Dr Andrew White is a Senior Fellow in Management Practice at Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He works globally with leaders to understand how they can transcend the internal and external strategic challenges they face to ensure they deliver sustainable high performance. In this role he oversaw…
22 Mar 4AM 34 min

Yoseph Haddad

Yoseph Haddad is the CEO of Together Vouch for Each Other, and a IDF combat veteran. At age 18, Yoseph - an Arab - volunteered to serve in the Israeli Defense Force. After being critically injured in the war, he decided to dedicate his life to showcasing the truth about…
22 Mar 1AM 38 min

Cynthia Griffin

Promoting trade between the United States of America and Africa, Minister Counsellor for Commercial Affairs for Sub-Saharan Africa at the U.S. Consulate, Cynthia Griffin chats to Gareth Cliff about her life and work in the foreign service. Opening up the trading portal between the U.S. and fellow African countries for…
20 Mar 6AM 27 min

Barry Hilton

Legendary South African funny man, Barry Hilton walks Gareth through his Covid business expansion, from corporate card games, to a new concept titled ‘My Life in 3D’ - a talk about Barry’s trifecta of struggles. He does a deep dive with Gareth about his journey over the years… moving out…
17 Mar 1AM 46 min

Hazel Feldman

Hazel Feldman has stories for days about some of the many performing artists she helped bring out to South Africa to perform at Sun City and many other venues. From working with Sol Kerzner as he created his dream in the desert, to working with the likes of Queen, Elton…
15 Mar 1AM 54 min

#40YearsOfHuntLascaris: It’s the People!

What is behind the success of 40 years of winning? It’s the people! Carol Soames (Group Operations Director) and George Low (Creative Director) - both with decades of stories to tell - are two of the long-standing “Hunts People” who have helped shape the DNA of the agency’s creative culture…
13 Mar 5AM 39 min

Martha Ngoye (whistleblower)

Martha Ngoye is an attorney of the High Court of South Africa who has practised as a corporate lawyer, working for some of SA’s most prestigious firms. After joining the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) as the Group Executive of Legal, Risk and Compliance, and later the Acting…
8 Mar 12AM 1 hr 11 min

Dion Chang

What is the future of AI and technology? Who are the young innovators and creatives building the future of South Africa? What can Gen Z teach us about the world we’re living in? Gareth speaks to trend analyst, Dion Chang.
7 Mar 12AM 48 min

#40YearsOfHuntLascaris: In the beginning…

Celebrating four decades of growing brands, growing talent and winning! Founders of TBWA Hunt Lascaris – John Hunt and Reg Lascaris – are in conversation with Gareth Cliff, reminiscing about where and how it began all those years ago. From the boot of a car to the first world-class advertising…
3 Mar 7AM 49 min

unCancelled: Unathi Nkayi breaks her silence!

Cancel culture has led to the cancellation of several South African celebrities for various reasons, so it should not be surprising that Gareth Cliff and Unathi Nkayi are on that list. In our first episode, media personality Unathi has a candid conversation with Gareth in front of a live audience,…
1 Mar 3AM 1 hr 14 min

Chris Wyatt

Chris Wyatt is a retired US Army Colonel and Intelligence Operative with a particular interest in South Africa. Chris has spent much of his post-military world making sense of the seismic political, economic and cultural changes in South Africa and has a network of informed and well-placed sources that gives…
22 Feb 12AM 1 hr 01 min

Owen Matthews

Owen Matthews has written an authoritative book on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, with incredible and unique insights into Putin, Zelensky and the media’s take on what’s really going on.
15 Feb 12AM 57 min

Gus Silber

The author of several bestselling books, as well as a journalist, scriptwriter, speechwriter and media trainer with more than 30 years experience - Gus Silber has done it all. He joins Gareth to talk about his recent thesis, and some workshops he’s giving about ChatGPT, and how to incorporate AI…
14 Feb 12AM 38 min

Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo joins Gareth Cliff to talk about her new album and live show, but they dive deeper into a conversation about life and how to keep moving in the spotlight… even when everything doesn’t go your way.
10 Feb 12AM 28 min

Bryan Habana

Bryan Habana is one of South Africa’s most beloved sport stars - and a rugby player with some of the best records on the field. In this discussion, Gareth (who knows nothing about rugby) chats to him about pretty much everything other than rugby. Brought to you by
8 Feb 12AM 49 min

Looking Up with Prof. David Block

Prof. David Block joins the #GCS team to talk about the ‘Green Comet’ that has been making headlines. He also tells us about his visit to the Arctic to experience the aurora borealis… and we learn the difference between comets and meteors.
7 Feb 12AM 29 min

Fred Roed

Fred Roed is the founder of Heavy Chef and a thoughtful businessman who has seen the world of marketing and advertising change before his eyes. He’s also an optimist, a believer in South Africa, a viking and a surfer! Gareth Cliff caught up with him and discussed the year ahead.
1 Feb 12AM 59 min

Matt Thornton

Over 60% of Americans cited violent crime as a core election issue in the 2022 midterms. Seeing it spread, and the failures of leaders in his own hometown of Portland, Oregon - Matt Thornton (Conor McGregor’s coach’s coach, and one of the first American jiu-jitsu black belts), decided to write…
25 Jan 12AM 44 min

Al J Venter

South African foreign correspondent Al J Venter returned from the Central African Republic six weeks ago, having had personal experience of a Russian mercenary force that has virtually taken over an African state. The international community is now familiar with the activities of the Moscow-run Wagner Group, an exploitative military…
18 Jan 12AM 38 min
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