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Tony Leon

Tony Leon is a South African icon in post-apartheid politics. He's the longest serving leader of the opposition in Parliament, and he led the Democratic Alliance for 13 years. Having exited leadership in 2007 and later the public political space in 2009, Tony lived through a political movement that did…
22 Nov 12AM 39 min

Jen Su

Join Gareth as he chats with global sensation Jen Su - from her journey on Taiwan Idol to her Hollywood encounters. Discover her path from childhood to fame, navigating personal struggles… plus her encounters with Siya Kolisi, Meghan Markle, and more.
21 Nov 12AM 49 min

David Chislett

What brings out your creativity? David Chislett is a published author, poet, musician, and entrepreneur. Having lived in South Africa for most of his life, he has deep roots within the old music scene and a firm stance on local vs international music exposure across the country. Gareth gets into…
15 Nov 12AM 50 min

Nikki Munitz

Drugs, fraud, and prison found Nikki Munitz reflecting on the lowest points that turned her life around. She lets Gareth Cliff and Lebang Kgosana pick her brain about her time behind bars, her experiences as an addict, and her venture in running a rehab for fellow addicts.
8 Nov 12AM 50 min

Tol A$$ Mo

In a world where fame, fortune, and scandal meet, your world as you know it could change in the blink of an eye. In this case, Tol A$$ Mo’s world was turned upside down, and after a prolonged court case, he is now trying to return to his normal life…
1 Nov 1AM 1 hour

Penuel The Black Pen

Gareth Cliff sits down with Penuel The Black Pen - an internet personality known for wild, controversial opinions that often go against the grain of society. Together they tackle the upcoming elections that will decide the fate of millions across South Africa. Gareth does a deep dive into Penuel’s own…
25 Oct 1AM 1 hr 03 min

Sello Maake kaNcube

If you’re a true South African at heart, you’ll know Sello Maake kaNcube. From a local soapie hero, to a director of international stature, “Archie” walks us through some history of his outstanding work over the years, including reproducing an original John Kani production - Nothing but the Truth. Strap…
18 Oct 1AM 59 min

Kate, Tiffany & Tara Turkington

From orgasms and cult leaders, to elephants and the Dalai Lama... it's a real family affair as the legendary Kate Turkington - 89 years young - is joined by her daughters Tiffany and Tara for stories that cover their shared love of travel, sibling rivalry, crazy expeditions, and some embarrassing…
4 Oct 1AM 1 hr 09 min

Michal Oshman

‘What would you do if you weren’t afraid?’ One of Facebook’s many mantras that struck a nerve for Michal Oshman, and so it became the title of her latest book. Inspired by her grandmother - a holocaust survivor - Michal has lived day by day looking over her shoulder in…
27 Sep 1AM 1 hr 05 min

Candace Bushnell

If you recognise the name “Carrie Bradshaw”, you lived in an era of prime time television, where 'Sex and the City' dominated the airwaves for years, but also became a cultural phenomenon - redefining modern relationships. Gareth sits down with the creator of the series, Candace Bushnell, to discuss her…
20 Sep 1AM 1 hour

Aspasia Karras

You might ask, who still writes columns... let alone who still reads them? Aspasia Karras is the editor-at-large of Sunday Times Lifestyle, and she joins Gareth for a general catch-up. They dive into interesting topics like vaping, self-inflicted pain, and the trappings of branding and self-image.
13 Sep 1AM 49 min

Tim Urban

Tim Urban has spent years writing stick-figure-illustrated posts on his blog, Wait But Why. Thanks to his creative and unique way of seeing the world - and all of its issues - he has now written his first book, What’s our Problem? Gareth speaks to him about the book, and…
6 Sep 1AM 56 min

Thea Booysen

Avid gamer, professional streamer, author and academic... Thea seems to be doing it all at the age of 25, while keeping a cool head and conquering the world. Gareth discusses her accolades in neuropsychology (in which she is obtaining her Master’s degree), and her relationship with the King of YouTube…
30 Aug 1AM 39 min

Louise Carver

South African treasure Louise Carver joins Gareth Cliff and Lebang Kgosana in the studio for a long overdue catch-up. With 7 albums, 11 South African Music Award nominations, and 2 Billboard No. 1’s, it’s a no-brainer that Louise is easily one of South Africa’s most precious talents. Together, they discuss…
23 Aug 1AM 1 hr 02 min

Bruce Fordyce

Bruce Fordyce - A household name and South African legend. Best known for winning the South African Comrades Marathon a record nine times, the "Winged Messenger" sits down with Gareth Cliff to discuss the special moments in his career, his involvement in today's athletic culture, and his interests in anthropology…
22 Aug 2PM 42 min

Vusi Thembekwayo

As we enter the final months of 2023, many of us are feeling a weight on our shoulders... unsure about the future of South Africa. It’s cool-headed, focused individuals, like Vusi Thembekwayo, that we rely on for leadership and insights. Gareth Cliff speaks to Vusi about SA’s business landscape in…
15 Aug 2PM 1 hr 16 min

Paul Slabolepszy

Paul Slabolepszy is a literal legend of South African theatre. He tells Gareth Cliff about his family's history, mixing sport and drama, his lifelong partnership with Bill Flynn, the new version of one of his famous plays, what inspires his writing, and the true meaning of legacy.
2 Aug 1AM 55 min

Dorianne Weil (Dr D)

You might know her as Dr D from her many years on 702, but in this in-depth discussion, Dorianne Weil shares some personal stories about meeting Mandela, her arduous fertility fight, grieving the loss of her husband, and how to find happiness.
26 Jul 1AM 56 min

Ben Goldsmith

Ben Goldsmith has written a beautiful book about a terrible tragedy. After losing his teenage daughter in a freak accident on the family farm in Somerset, England in 2019, Ben was drowning in the depths of grief and despair. His deeply personal story of how he found his way back…
20 Jul 2AM 46 min

Darrel Bristow-Bovey

Award-winning writer, Darrel Bristow-Bovey joins Gareth to talk about his new book ‘Finding Endurance: Shackleton, My Father and a World Without End’. Don’t miss this somewhat philosophical discussion about the relationship we have with our fathers, the true meaning of success, and how to ‘win’ at the game of life.
19 Jul 1AM 49 min
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