Between 2 Femmes

Between 2 Femmes

Whether you're interested in how global news stories impact you, want to join in on conversations with inspirational people doing outstanding work or are curious about women’s obsession with shoes; Times Media publisher Aspasia Karras and resident contributor Mabale Moloi are the two femmes who will keep you informed and entertained.
Mabale Moloi is the tongue-in-cheek, radio and television presenter and news anchor with a lot of spunk to boot and partners with the very witty and stylish Aspasia Karras who jet sets between fashion runaways in Paris and interviews with Hollywood A-listers.
This is a lifestyle show brought to you from a “women in charge” perspective.
“Between two femmes - because we like Zack Galafinakis, but we think we’re more lively than ferns.”
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Between 2 Femmes - Matsi Modise

Matsi Molise is the MD of Simodisa - an association set up to assist SMEs with some of the challenges they face in starting up their businesses. She's also a fellow Qwa Qwa local who is jetting off to the World Economic Forum in Jan 2016 as part of a…
17 Dec 2015 48 min

Between 2 Femmes - Basil Manueld & Thabiso Mahlape

Another long academic year has come to an end, but has our education system prepared South African learners and their parents for the possible impact that poor end of year results could have on learners? President of the National Professional Teacher's Organisation of SA, Basil Manuel, gives his insights. Then…
10 Dec 2015 49 min

Between 2 Femmes - "Side Piece"

"Side piece" is a phrase that has become normalised in our society whereby young women enter into transactional sexual relationships with men who can provide. Mabale Moloi tackles this issue with Thulani Machere from the ANOVA Health Institute. Then, they say that if you meet a cancer survivor you should…
3 Dec 2015 45 min

Between 2 Femmes - Pole Dancing

Mabale is joined by Natasha Williams who organizes Miss Pole Dance SA. Together they track the progress of pole dancing as a competitive sport in South Africa with one of the pioneers.
26 Nov 2015 42 min

Between 2 Femmes - Psychology Of Happiness

We often complain about our jobs, our bosses and the amount of work that gets piled on top of us at our places of work. Liane McGowan of talks about the psychology of happiness in the workplace. Then it's a topic that leaves most of us feeling awkward, uncomfortable…
19 Nov 2015 48 min

Between 2 Femmes - Food Lovers Unite

Alan Ford talks about the latest and greatest trends in South African cuisine as well as the important role dining plays in one's overall happiness. From award-winning executive chef Peter Tempelhoff, to winemaker Adam Mason and life coach Justin Cohen, Alan leaves no stone unturned in bringing you all that…
12 Nov 2015 57 min

Between 2 Femmes 05.11.15

It's exam time which means you have been studying hard and are prepared to put pen to paper, but have you been eating well enough to make sure you are mentally prepared? Mabale Moloi is joined by Nutrition, Health and Wellness Manager at Nestlé South Africa, Naazneen Khan. Then, "Africa…
5 Nov 2015 34 min

Between 2 Femmes 29.10.15

The femmes talk to Sci-bono about their upcoming Halloween event to find out what they've got in store for young, future scientists. They also deal with the issue of strikes and retrenchments that contribute to our current unemployment rate of 25.5%. Andrew Davies from ICAS South Africa provides insights for…
29 Oct 2015 44 min

Between 2 Femmes 22.10.15

A recent survey asked South African women to rate some of the worst household smells. From cigarette smoke, to nappies and your boyfriend's smelly shoes, Mabale Moloi finds out how to deal with some of the most horrible smells in the home. Then breaking the myth that black don't crack,…
22 Oct 2015 47 min

Between 2 Femmes 15.10.15

Aspasia flies solo and presents the Women's News, which includes some good news for victims of revenge porn. Then beauty consultant and former Beauty Director at Marie Claire South Africa, Mathahle Stofile, pops in to talk about The Matte Project - a catalyst for conversations among black women about beauty.
15 Oct 2015 50 min

Between 2 Femmes 08.10.15

We're jet-setting to New York and Greece. Yusuf Omar is a filmmaker and broadcaster who spent some time in New York covering the Trevor Noah story and attended the live recording of his first show. He shares his experience. Then Megan Bernstein from the Under5Foot blog talks about their #GoingGreek…
8 Oct 2015 45 min

Between 2 Femmes 01.10.15

Women are multi-faceted, they can talk about business one minute and shoes the next, mix in some family scandal and celebrity gossip and you have yourself a recipe for the perfect ladies' conversation. Join Mabale Moloi as she entertains, informs and inspires you.
1 Oct 2015 49 min

Between 2 Femmes 17.09.15

Mabale Moloi and Aspasia Karras speak to Mandy Weiner about her Marie Claire investigation – "Is femicide the new divorce?"
17 Sep 2015 45 min

Between 2 Femmes 10.09.15

The #FNBJoburgArtFair opens shortly. Mabale Moloi and Aspasia Karras speak with Turiya Magadlela, winner the #FNBartFairPrize. Also not to be missed is the latest edition of 'Women's News'.
10 Sep 2015 50 min

Between 2 Femmes 27.08.15

The femmes chat with two powerhouse women who have built thriving creative businesses. Firstly, the eponymous jeweller, Kirsten Goss, and secondly the MD of Brandgroup, Nitsa Komninos.
27 Aug 2015 49 min

Between 2 Femmes 20.08.15

The femmes discuss the very real wage disparity between men and women in South Africa. Respected career coach, Maryse Barak, who works with top executives joins the show, as well as Prof. Anita Bosch, who brings with her the real figures.
20 Aug 2015 48 min

Between 2 Femmes 13.08.15

In the 'Women's News' Mabale Moloi and Aspasia Karras talk about the Bic "Think Like A Man" campaign that has gotten women up in arms. The femmes then speak with Marija Nikolovska who is the Programme Manager for the Irregular Migration Unit at the International Organisation for Migration, regarding human…
13 Aug 2015 51 min

Between 2 Femmes 06.08.15

Humanitarian, actor, model and author Stevel Marc joins Mabale and Aspasia to talk about his book 'The Refined Player'. Stevel encourages open communication between men and women with regards to what they really want in the bedroom. Stevel reveals the intricacies of interpersonal human relationships and gives practical tips and…
6 Aug 2015 49 min

Between 2 Femmes 23.07.15

The femmes are joined by Sayed Mia, CEO of Reviv me and Dr Ibrahim Moosajee, Medical Director from Reviv me, a wellness spa that specialises in IV Infusion Treatments and Energy & Wellness Booster Shots. Then Aspasia Karras responds to questions raised by the #MCInHerShoes campaign.
23 Jul 2015 47 min

Between 2 Femmes 16.07.15

Super investigative journalist Mandy Wiener who's in Marie Claire this month joins Aspasia and Mabale, they look at super women who are working hard to put rapists behind bars. Aspasia brings attention to a social media campaign where women are growing their armpit hair and dying it blue in order…
16 Jul 2015 50 min
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