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A hybrid of online radio, podcast and YouTube – live from 06h00 to 08h00 – Gareth and his team bring you ‘unradio’ – unscripted, uncensored, real conversations about everything that happens in our world, everything we all experience every day, what makes us think… makes us laugh… makes us cry… makes us angry… inspires us… and makes us human.

It’s about the stuff that connects us on this journey called LIFE. Welcome to it!
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Brand the Bajaj

01.12.23 Pt 2 - Gareth is considering a new mascot for It’s small, agile and will get lots of looks on the road. Cathrine Versveld drops by for a few rants about life with 5 children, school moms WhatsApp groups and more. George Mienie says goodbye for the year,…
1 Dec 12AM 55 min

Ozone for Cats

01.12.23 Pt 1 - Simphiwe’s start to Dezemba is not so great after a break-in at her house yesterday. Gareth is delighted to hear thousands of people have unsubscribed from Disney+ after hearing what Elon Musk had to say about advertisers, and it’s Ben’s birthday tomorrow.
30 Nov 11PM 1 hour

The Owner's Manual

30.11.23 Pt 2 - Kanthan Pillay has written a book called 'How to Fix South Africa: An Owner's Manual' - he launches it with a live audience at a special CliffCentral event. The team tackle simple solutions to complex problems, social grants, taxation, the NHI and more.
30 Nov 12AM 1 hr 03 min

Generational Nepotism

30.11.23 Pt 1 - Gareth and Phumi are out of the studio today, and have a lot on their minds. Gareth goes off about Elon Musk’s message to advertisers, and Phumi reports on an employee who blew $18,000 on a Birkin bag. Dr Mark then joins to discuss skincare in…
29 Nov 11PM 57 min

Adapt, Build and Overcome

29.11.23 Pt 2 - South African born British soldier Jaco van Gass had a life-changing experience in Afghanistan, where he almost died and lost his left arm. He has since gone on to climb mountains, win cycling competitions, and help other people to rebuild their lives.
29 Nov 12AM 51 min

Joburg Dezemba

29.11.23 Pt 1 - Simphiwe is here to tell you why you should spend your ‘Dezemba’ in Joburg. Producer Ryan wants to know if you’re attending your high school reunion, and Gareth is curious who the team would want to talk to, spend time with, or have as a life…
28 Nov 11PM 1 hour

Parole Problems

28.11.23 Pt 2 - Tensions are high after the news of Oscar Pistorius’ pending release after serving 9 years in prison. We are joined by Dr Gérard Labuschagne, who is a Clinical Psychologist, Criminologist, and an Advocate of the High Court, to discuss his case, the parole process, and the…
28 Nov 12AM 59 min

Bad Blood

28.11.23 Pt 1 - Producer Ryan has Gareth fired up over Taylor Swift. Gareth geeks out over the new Napoleon movie… and Bakh’abantu expresses his opinion about the New Zealand government recalling the banned smoking law.
27 Nov 11PM 58 min

Losing Luthuli House

27.11.23 Pt 2 - Luthuli House has some new tenants after the ANC struggles to repay their debt, and Leigh-Ann is drunk again, informing us about a new scam going on in China. Thami Ndlovu, a Zimbabwean entrepreneur living in the USA, joins the show to share his success story.
27 Nov 12AM 51 min

Goodnight Sleepytime

27.11.23 Pt 1 - Mosquitos have launched an attack on Bakh’abantu, and Gareth is triggered after the recent heatwave. Eskom is changing their logo, but not their attitude… and the team get into the after-effects of Black Friday in South Africa.
26 Nov 11PM 58 min

A Truly Cyril Experience

24.11.23 Pt 2 - Social media sensation Themba Robin joins Ben and Gareth on the show to catch up on his life from the past year… from hosting quiz nights to making headlines for controversial skits. Gareth is curious about monetization in content - especially after occasionally taking cheap shots…
24 Nov 12AM 1 hr 05 min

The New Man Cave

24.11.23 Pt 1 - Ben tells us why Black Friday is the perfect reflection on us as humans. Get the lowdown on the sport for the weekend, and finally… a list where South Africa doesn’t look bad! Do you have a urinal in your bathroom?
23 Nov 11PM 56 min

Thabo Bester Uncovered

23.11.23 Pt 2 - Gareth and Phumi are joined in studio by GroundUp duo, Marecia Damons and Daniel Steyn - the journalists who first broke the Thabo Bester’s fake death story. Together they have released a book about the real-life crime drama that has South Africans glued to the news…
23 Nov 12AM 56 min

Matters of Manipulation

23.11.23 Pt 1 - The team have a late start due to an unexpected power failure, but better late than never! They delve into the craziness at Open AI, how ‘bean counters’ are ruining the world and more.
22 Nov 11PM 21 min

Shaping Post-Apartheid Politics

22.11.23 Pt 2 - Tony Leon, a pivotal figure in South African post-apartheid politics, joins Gareth for an in-depth conversation examining South Africa's potential trajectories. They explore the evolving landscape of coalitions, while analyzing the country's gradual decline over the years.
22 Nov 12AM 40 min

Bad Parenting

22.11.23 Pt 1 - Should restaurants charge parents for “bad parenting”? Lebang shares how her scammer is back online with the same scam she got her with. Plus, some tips on how to navigate Black Friday.
21 Nov 11PM 56 min

You Got Markled!

21.11.23 Pt 2 - Longtime friend of the show, Jen Su joins us for a catch-up to reveal the celebs she's recently been hanging out with. She also delves into her lesser-known personal life story, including almost losing her son. Plus, the one celebrity she still wants to interview.
21 Nov 12AM 49 min

Slaves to Fashion

21.11.23 Pt 1 - How many cups of coffee do you drink a day? Bakh’abantu and Gareth are fascinated by a gross procedure called 'fecal microbiota transplantation.' And you won’t believe some of the weird things you can buy from an online shopping store!
20 Nov 11PM 56 min

The Golden Bachelor

20.11.23 Pt 2 - The team gets into a thought-provoking discussion about euthanasia. In a bizarre turn of events, Snoop Dogg's weed-free life becomes a reality! Dr Fathima Patel and Dr James Mac Donald step in to dive into a vital conversation about World Anti-Microbial Awareness Week.
20 Nov 12AM 54 min

Cult Classic

20.11.23 Pt 1 - The team isn't surprised by how South Africans 'blue-ticked' the return of Proteas captain Temba Bavuma and coach Rob Walter from the Cricket World Cup. An auction of Napoleon Bonaparte’s hat recently sold for almost R40m. Plus, the team engages in a quick, saliva-inducing 'Would You…
19 Nov 11PM 58 min
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