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Run Talk SA is a weekly running podcast hosted by Mr Active, David Katz aimed at the South African running community. We chat to the who's who of the South African running scene, preview races, catch up with experts and give advice from running your first 5km up to the Comrades Marathon.
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Capturing the beauty and intrigue of trail racing

David “Mr. Active” Katz catches up with adventure race photographer Terence Vrugtman on the last episode of Run Talk SA for 2015. Through his company Adventure Life SA, Terence takes some amazing pictures in some of the most spectacular trail running races in South Africa.
28 Dec 2015 13 min

Golden rules for running on the beach

The beach can be very appealing to run on for any runner, especially those who don’t live on the coast. There are however some things you should know and look out for when running on the beach. This festive season, former lifeguard and self proclaimed beach bum, Brett Challenor is…
21 Dec 2015 9 min

Balance is key for runners over the Festive Season

Ian Craig returns on this episode of Run Talk SA, as David “Mr. Active” Katz hits him with the hard questions around eating and drinking over the Festive Season. Overindulgence is often the case, but how does this affect your bodies ability to recover? With most of us resuming dedicated…
14 Dec 2015 14 min

Runners' Guide - going digital and offering more

We chat to Tom Cottrell today on Run Talk SA. The Nedbank Runners’ Guide has been an institution on the running scene for many years; but now it is offering even more having continued to embrace the digital age. The book has advanced to a website and an App, offering…
7 Dec 2015 9 min

End 2015, start 2016 with a race

Hanging around in Gauteng this festive season? Then there is a great opportunity to end 2015, and then start 2016 with a race! Mr. Active, David Katz chats to Daan du Toit on this episode of Run Talk SA. Daan is not only the former president of Gauteng North Athletics,…
30 Nov 2015 11 min

Love, Jozi, Running

On this episode of Run Talk SA, David Katz, Mr. Active, catches up with Johannesburg based Grant Grobbelaar. Grant has been running for quite awhile, and they chat the ins and outs of the Jo’burg running scene, amongst other things.
23 Nov 2015 11 min

We chat Biokinetics with Claudia Dos Santos

Coming up on this episode of Run Talk SA, David “Mr. Active” Katz chats to biokineticist, Claudia Dos Santos. So what exactly does a bio do? And more importantly how are they going to help you? Find out what brilliant work they can do to make you stronger.
16 Nov 2015 8 min

Why cycling boss Doug Ryder runs to keep fit

This week on Run Talk SA, David “Mr. Active” Katz catches up with Doug Ryder, team principle of Team MTN-Qhubeka. A former cyclist himself, Doug now runs more than he rides. Hear why one of the men that has helped put African cycling on the map; personally loves to run…
9 Nov 2015 14 min

Kick 2016 off with a BANG at the Dischem Half

Johannesburg if you have not tried the Dischem Half Marathon in early January, it’s time to do so. On this episode of Run Talk SA, David “Mr. Active” Katz catches up with race director, Grant Panter; about this well organised, well run, challenging, fun, and energetic start to the running…
2 Nov 2015 8 min

Dave Dixon - from Comrades to Wild Series

David Katz, Mr. Active caught up with Dave Dixon at the Old Mutual Golden Gate Challenge on this episode of RTSA. Dave has been on the running scene for many years; having previously run a tight ship at the Comrades Marathon, he is now imparting his knowledge and experience on…
26 Oct 2015 7 min

The charm of club running in South Africa

In South Africa we are blessed by an extremely strong, helpful and friendly club running scene. If you are a part of a club, you know all about this. If you are not, and have been hesitant of joining for various reasons, listen to this episode of Run Talk SA…
19 Oct 2015 11 min

Get ahead of the pack - how to be a Pro

Ever wondered what it takes to be an elite marathon and ultra runner? What are the key lessons we can learn from them to add to our racing? On this episode of Run Talk SA, David "Mr. Active" Katz catches up with Craig Fry. Craig works with some of the…
12 Oct 2015 13 min

Trends and choices when it comes to shoes

We catch up with running shoe guru Jax Snyman on this episode of Run Talk SA. David “Mr. Active” Katz chats to him about the latest innovation and trends in running shoes; while also looking at the differences between road and trail shoes. We also hear about the new Sweat…
5 Oct 2015 9 min

55, cancer free and fit as a fiddle

This week on Run Talk SA, David “Mr. Active” Katz chats to 55 year old Merle Rakusin. Merle discovered running in her mid-twenties and has loved endurance activities every since. Faced with beating colon cancer a few years back; Merle’s energy, strong will and fitness allowed her to persevere. Not…
28 Sep 2015 12 min

Stunning CT Marathon continues to grow

On this episode of Run Talk SA, David “Mr. Active” Katz reflects on the 2015 Sanlam Cape Town Marathon, with race director, Janet Welham. Not only is the CT marathon set in one of the most spectacular places on earth, but it offers a fast, friendly route.
21 Sep 2015 13 min

Smile you're on TV - how to appeal to the camera

Coming up on this week's edition of Run Talk SA, we go behind the scenes. Television presents a great opportunity for people at home to experience races, while giving runners a chance to showcase their skills and joy for running. So on this episode Television Producer Gert Ungerer not only…
14 Sep 2015 7 min

Runners - protect your eyes!

One area that we often don’t place enough attention on when out running is on our eyes. We take precautions to protect our skin from the Sun’s harsh UV rays; but eye protection from the Sun can sometimes be an after thought. Michael de Jongh joins David “Mr. Active” Katz…
7 Sep 2015 13 min

What Sports Massage will do for your muscles

This week on Run Talk SA, David “Mr. Active” Katz talks sports massage with Johannesburg based masseur Teddy Sen. Teddy has some of the best hands in the business, and having run himself, really know what’s needed to help runners. A reset of the muscles is super important and can…
31 Aug 2015 8 min

A running secret weapon - Yoga

There are various forms of cross-training runners can do, one of the best, and probably not one of the most common, is Yoga. Yoga offers you everything you need in a cross-train, and more as a runner. David “Mr. Active” Katz caught up with Johannesburg based Yogi Melanie Castleman at…
24 Aug 2015 12 min

Chiropractics - the answer to injury free running?

Have you seen or thought of seeing a Chiropractor? On this episode of Run Talk SA, David "Mr. Active" Katz, goes to see Wayne Borowsky from Synergy Holistix. Wayne and his team have helped not only many athletes, but many runners. But what is chiropractics all about, and how can…
17 Aug 2015 15 min
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