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Fashion Lab is the first Fashion-Business radio show to go live on air in Africa. It dissects the business behind fashion to provide a platform where growth and development within the fashion industry is promoted and facilitated for sustainability and economic growth.
Weekly English South Africa Fashion & Beauty
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Emerging Fashion Developments

The team is joined by co-founders of the SA Fashion Forum, Luyanda Madonna and Ayanda Nhlapo. The SA Fashion Forum is a brand new fashion-driven event based on growing the South African fashion industry, by providing workshops conducted by fashion professionals in their respective fields.
25 Jan 2018 49 min

African Emerging Designers Rising Above

The team is joined by two dynamic Kenyan Brands - IKOJN designer, Cris Njoki and AACHERA designer, Sophie Achera - to discuss African emerging designers rising above. It’s great to see African fashion brands and designers rising above their circumstances and using their platforms to move ahead in the global…
18 Jan 2018 47 min

Threats to the Fashion Community

Liz and her panel respond to concerns that have been raised within different fashion communities (between Africa, Europe and the US). They dissect how these concerns could pose a threat to our fashion businesses and how they can be managed.
11 Jan 2018 53 min

2017 Recap

The fashion Lab team - Liz Ogumbo Regisford, Eji Benson and Francesca Marzilli - recap on highlights around Fashion Lab conversations throughout 2017.
14 Dec 2017 48 min

Brand Identity

The team talks about brand identity, joined by special guest Carlo Parisatto, CMO of CADICA, with a specific focus on the ability to meet customers' needs, interpret their ideas and provide original advice and solutions for their business.
7 Dec 2017 53 min

Fashion & Social Responsibility

The team is joined by Marketing Manager of Save The Children - Rodney Knotts, contemporary artist Bev Butkow, and Marketing Manager of Uzwelo - Kirsty Fonzari to discuss fashion and social responsibility.
30 Nov 2017 52 min

Black Friday

The team is joined by a few voices from the fashion value chain within the African Diaspora to discuss Black Friday, along with its impact on consumerism today.
23 Nov 2017 51 min

Ethical Fashion in Africa & Beyond

The team is joined by CEO and founder of Ethical Apparel Africa, Keren Pybus, around the conversation on the current situ on ethical fashion in Africa and beyond.
16 Nov 2017 49 min

Africa’s Fashion Market Moving Forward

Liz and the team are joined by the fabulous directors of 8th Ave Online - Jain McGuigan and Monet Viviers. Join the conversation around 'A Walk Through Africa’s Fashion Market 2017'.
9 Nov 2017 54 min

SA Fashion Week AW18 highlights with Alan Foley & Leon Haasbroek

The team discusses highlights around SA Fashion Week AW18. They are joined by interior designer and TV & Radio fashion correspondant, Alan Foley... as well as Leon Haasbroek, who has spent just short of 10 years in the fashion industry playing his forte for communications and brands.
2 Nov 2017 52 min

SA Fashion Week AW18

Touching base on some of the highlights so far at SA Fashion Week AW18... joined by FLA partner Eji Benson and Liz Ogumbo-Regisford.
26 Oct 2017 50 min

The Past, Present & Future of Fashion Week

The team discusses Fashion Week... what it means to the fashion world today and where they see its future. Joining the conversation is co-founder of Pearzoo clothing & 8th Ave Online - with over 20 years experience in the fashion industry - Monet Viviers, as well as Botswana-based fashion entrepreneur,…
19 Oct 2017 56 min

Brand Identity & Image through Product Packaging

The team discusses brand identity and image through product packaging. They are joined by special guest - Fashion Expert and Sales Director, Tiziana Menaspà from the Mainetti Group.
12 Oct 2017 52 min

Retail Brand Markdowns

This week the Fashion Lab team discuss retail brand markdowns. What is it? How can it benefit consumers? They are joined by brand strategist Gerrard foster, Eji Bensin from NYC and Francesca Marzilli from Europe.
5 Oct 2017 53 min

E-Commerce with Lionel Mullin

Liz is joined by Lionel Mullin, a UK-based E-Commerce expert with 20 years experience in the E-Commerce market working with brands like LVMH, Harrods, Estee Lauder and other major brands.
21 Sep 2017 54 min

The Current State of Fashion

This week on Fashion Lab, the team talks about the current state of fashion with a focus in Africa, US and Europe. Joining the conversation is Fashion Lab Africa partner and host Liz Ogumbo-Regisford, Eji Benson - FLA Partner and contributor - with his echoes from NYC, and European contributor…
14 Sep 2017 54 min


This week the Fashion Lab team host their fashion designer exclusive with fashion brand RUFF TUNG. Joining the conversation is design duo, Bridget Pickering and Ludwig Bausch along with fashion Blogger, Candice Bresler.
7 Sep 2017 50 min

The SA Fashion Market

This week the Fashion Lab team talks about the South African fashion market according to the Director at 8th Avenue, Refract Marketing and PearZoo Clothing, Jain McGuigan.
31 Aug 2017 50 min

More Denim

This week the Fashion Lab team explores more denim. They are joined by fashion designer for Narok NYC and Blackbird Jeans, Zeddie Loky, to finalise the denim series for the month.
24 Aug 2017 50 min
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