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Be a Better Investor

Moneyweb editor Ryk van Niekerk hosts the weekly 'Be a Better Investor' podcast to give both amateur and established retail investors a peek at how professional investors invest.
He chats to professional investors about their experiences in selecting potential investments, as well as how successful these processes have been. They discuss their biggest hits and misses and other topics, which may offer a few golden nuggets for listeners ... to become better investors.
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'Steinhoff really shook me'

Nkareng Siwale, MD and founder of RainDance Asset Management, on her journey to becoming an investment professional, and the lessons learned along the way.
11 Nov 31 min

Be a better investor - Podcast

‘Investing for me is much more the understanding of money, and the respect for money. That I think is often where most people get it wrong’: Kagisho Mahura – Gradidge-Mahura Investments.
2 Sep 21 min

'Investing if done correctly should be quite boring'

Investors need to wrap their heads around the fact that expecting dramatic positive outcomes over shorter time horizons comes with a lot of risk of getting things wrong: Foord Asset Management investment professional Linda Eedes.
12 Aug 20 min
1 – 20