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Be a Better Investor

Moneyweb editor Ryk van Niekerk hosts the weekly 'Be a Better Investor' podcast to give both amateur and established retail investors a peek at how professional investors invest.
He chats to professional investors about their experiences in selecting potential investments, as well as how successful these processes have been. They discuss their biggest hits and misses and other topics, which may offer a few golden nuggets for listeners ... to become better investors.
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The markets don't repeat, but they rhyme

‘Don’t just read about investments, read more history; and watch cash flow – if you have growth and you've got that cash flow, when any exogenous event hits the company and it's down 30, 40, 50%, you can buy more’: Sumesh Chetty, portfolio manager at Ninety One.
10 Jul 22 min

A different kind of ‘angel’ investor

‘I've stuck with my principle in my stockbroking accounts or investment accounts that whatever is generated in there stays in there’: Craig Pheiffer, chief investment strategist at Sasfin Wealth.
4 Feb 25 min

From ETF investor to Satrix CEO

It's been 23 years since the first index fund was launched, and Fikile Mbhokota says she's always held the view that it's better to hold a basket of shares instead of just one.
9 Dec 2023 19 min

'Steinhoff really shook me'

Nkareng Siwale, MD and founder of RainDance Asset Management, on her journey to becoming an investment professional, and the lessons learned along the way.
11 Nov 2023 31 min
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