CliffCentral.com proudly presents ‘#Kellman20 – 20 Influential Millennials To Watch In 2016’, an explosive series of in-depth one-on-one podcasts hosted by CliffCentral’s Arye Kellman, with millennials from around the world, whose narratives are positively shaping our tomorrow.
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#Kellman20 - Melanie Berliet

Thrill seeker - Melanie Berliet, a daring writer who goes undercover to shape incredible content, speaks to Arye Kellman about Millennial writing and her truth.
13 Jan 2016 17 min

#Kellman20 - David Moore

Try mixing technology with your passion – David Moore is a master at incorporating technology into his choreography. He discusses this new era of movement with Arye Kellman.
13 Jan 2016 21 min

#Kellman20 - Emma Gannon

We are not confused - Arye Kellman and Emma Gannon debunk the theory of the Millennial crisis.
13 Jan 2016 22 min

#KELLMAN20 - Yusuf Omar

Yusuf Omar has a captivating chat with Arye Kellman about his passion, which is mobile journalism and Millennials.
13 Jan 2016 29 min

#KELLMAN20 — Toya DeLazy

Toya DeLazy articulates how she pushes her boundaries to explore the unknown in a conversation with Arye Kellman, encouraging others to get out of their comfort zone
13 Jan 2016 20 min


Inspiring Africa through music – TRESOR and Arye Kellman explore the art of making it in the global arena.
13 Jan 2016 14 min


Would you have the courage to risk everything? Well, this is what TiMO ODV did when he decided he wanted to make music. Catch his story as he chats with Arye Kellman about how he woke up and wanted to be a recording artist.
13 Jan 2016 21 min

#Kellman20 - Florence Adepoju

Florence Adepoju is a confident young woman that has found a gap in the cosmetic industry. Listen to her explore beauty and female confidence with Arye Kellman.
13 Jan 2016 17 min

#KELLMAN20 - Roxy Burger

Persistence is key - Roxy Burger, an authentic and inspirational woman analyses the perks and flaws of growing up in the media industry with Arye Kellman.
13 Jan 2016 25 min

#Kellman20 - Boity Thulo

The ever-genuine Boity Thulo talks to Arye Kellman about social media overtaking the Millennial generation and how she has grown as a person.
13 Jan 2016 23 min

#Kellman20 - Locnville

A dynamic duo – Andrew and Brian Chaplin commonly known as Locnville chat to Arye Kellman about success in the music industry and expanding their boundaries.
13 Jan 2016 18 min

#KELLMAN20 - Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh

Here’s to surprising ourselves – Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh is a conscious scholar who explores various perspectives from a Millennial mind with Arye Kellman.
13 Jan 2016 16 min

#Kellman20 - Poppy Ntshongwana

Often times, interviewing people who interview other people for a living is a challenging task, they’re not as easily swayed or cornered by strategic questions, perhaps because they know all the tricks in the book. Poppy Ntshongwana is one such Millennial, she joins Arye Kellman for a raw, honest and…
13 Jan 2016 23 min

#Kellman - Andy Jordan

Being a TV personality, talented musician and a Millennial, it can be easy to put Andy Jordan in a box, but as you’ ll soon discover, Andy is not happy living in any box that others place him in. Best known for his role in the hit television series ‘…
13 Jan 2016 21 min

#Kellman - Rorisang Moseli

Rorisang Moseli is a leader in all he says and does, hear him chat to Arye Kellman about his upbringing, his dreams for Africa and his take on servant leadership.
13 Jan 2016 16 min

#Kellman20 - Hulisani Ravele

Hulisani Ravele is an authentic individual to the core, she is graceful and honest, she talks to Arye Kellman about perseverance and staying true to herself.
13 Jan 2016 18 min

#Kellman20 - Daniel Calderwood

Digital is part of modern-day life, Millennials can either get on board or get left behind. Someone who knows this all too well is Digital Content Specialist, Dan Calderwood who joins Arye Kellman for a revealing and inspirational interview on his life in digital content creation before it even had…
13 Jan 2016 28 min

#Kellman20 - GoodLuck

GoodLuck is a soulful and cool band that has taken the music sphere by storm, they speak to Arye Kellman about how they tap into their creativity and how music enhances all their experiences.
13 Jan 2016 28 min

#KELLMAN20 — Nomuzi Mabena

Confidence is key – Arye Kellman and Nomuzi Mabena discuss the realities of a successful career and how much of yourself one has to give.
13 Jan 2015 19 min

#KELLMAN20 - Pearl Thusi

Africa is ahead in time. Why is Los Angeles leading? Pearl Thusi challenges us for the answer to this question in a discussion with Arye Kellman.
13 Jan 2015 26 min
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