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Will the next show be comical or a discussion about a serious human violation?
We don’t know…
Nash covers every and any topic on his show. His shows are definitely eye opening and are worth opening up some time in your schedule to listen to.

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FIFA World Cup Sucks

The FIFA World Cup so far is not living to the expectations of fans leaving a lot unimpressed and sad. Is there more to it than what we have already seen?

Men Don't Have A Voice

In recent times they have been a lot of outcries for women who were looked down upon and treated badly, which ultimately lead to feminism taking away the role of a man.

They Lied To Us

Everyday a new lie gets told, Here are a bunch of fake/ made up stuff that the What's The Topic presenters decide to uncover on their show.

Is Cristiano Gay

Some rumours had been spread in the past about one of football’s greatest stars Cristian Ronaldo being gay. These claims where apparently made by Singer,songwriter and now fashion mogul “Rihanna”.

I Blew It 17 Million

Winning the lottery doesn't always mean good luck. For this man it meant losing everything due to his reckless spending...

This is why the world is a mess

Fearless Eagle and Spykos give an internal narrative into the mainframe of people in today's world and some of the concepts that lead to why everything is meaningless and broken down.

Animal Cruelty

As common as it may seem for people to be aware of animal cruelty it actually isn't the case. In certain places all over the world someone is treating an animal badly and we need to raise awareness.

Gaming Is Negative

Gaming is a fun activity that made be explored during leisure time but can be very toxic for some people. What are some of the negatives of Gaming?

Does Character Matter

Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are. - John Wooden

Black Money

Fearless Eagle reckons that black people don't know how to budget, it is not something that has been instilled from childhood leading to some people being in poor financial standings while others figure it out on their own.

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