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Active FM

Active FM is an international online podcasting radio station operating from the south of Johannesburg.
We release 5 shows a day - Mondays to Fridays.
We have all your favourite shows and the greatest variety of topics to match all your interests - from sports to trends, philosophy, astronomy, comedy, love, movies and so much more.

We talk about handling day to day obstacles, enjoying life, world events and its impact on us.

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Our presenters bring amusing fresh perspectives.
Active FM focuses on producing quality shows with unique content and lively radio DJ’s.
Active FM is more than just a radio station - it’s a family.
A community of people uniting to discuss the issues of life and share common interests / hobbies.

Our content is relevant, entertaining and clean.
You are guaranteed to learn new life skills, feel great after listening to our shows and we’ll keep you updated.
Get the truth and stay connected. Become a part of the family today.
South Africa
41 Podcast shows
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The V.A.R Show

This show is for every football lover out there. V.A.R is a video assistant referee in football who reviews decisions made by the Head Referee. DJ Sticks & DJ Stones are the new and improved V.A.R - they are here to review how the teams and players are performing. Get…
17 Jul 208 episodes English Sports · Soccer

The Movie Show

Sound effects, acting, storyline, scriptwriting, directing, trailers, cinematography, colour grading and basically anything to do with cinemas and filmmaking - our movie presenters are there. Sash, Ryan and Timothy share hilarious movie facts, incredible behind the scene moments and so much more! Do they rate the movie as worth watching?…
13 Jul 348 episodes English TV & Film · Performing Arts

Decoding The Crimeverse

Time may not heal all wounds but it can solve several cases. Join our presenters as they look into a 27 year old case which was solved with something as simple as a drink straw.
12 Jul 174 episodes English True Crime · History

The Political Show

We are all about revealing the truth behind the headlines. Don’t you hate being lied to? Well, do not fear, our political presenters will expose all sides of the story and will never lie to you. They focus on reading between the lines, and telling us what other media platforms…
12 Jul 229 episodes English Politics · Government

The weeknd Mix

DJ MoreSA gives you only the best house and EDM music for any occasion! Whether you are needing music for a party/ event, are in a good mood or just feel like dancing - his mixes are perfect. 
28 Jun 205 episodes English Music · Arts

Changing Perspectives

'Changing Perspectives, Everyday' will open up your mind to a different way of thinking. After all, as we think, so are we. Become the change that you would like to see, by simply changing your perspective.
28 May 94 episodes English Religion & Spirituality · Education

Nostalgic Deep House

What is Nostalgic House? Nostalgic Deep house is music that is constructed to be ideal for any activities that require sustained focus and concentration while at the same time has a great vibe twist in all the elements used in its composition and production. It is designed and constructed to…
14 May 149 episodes English Music · Arts

Active FM Interviews

Enjoy captivating interviews with great artists, successful businessmen and the influencers of our society.
15 Feb 26 episodes English Society & Culture · Arts

The Table Of Perspective

People can experience the exact same thing, but because of the manner in which they view life and everything it entails, their perspectives and ultimately their responses can be very different. The presenters try to understand why / what influences the way people perceive and act on life in the way…
8 Feb 103 episodes English Comedy · Society & Culture

What's The Topic???

Will the next show be comical or a discussion about a serious human violation? We don’t know… Nash covers every and any topic on his show. His shows are definitely eye opening and are worth opening up some time in your schedule to listen to.
23 Jan 368 episodes English Entertainment News · Business

The Shade!!

Radio has never been shadier! Sash, Gloire and Thabo are comedians with a twist. They are on a mission to ensure the quality of the other Active FM shows are up to scratch. They question, review, shade and expose other Active FM presenters in the most entertaining way!
10 Jan 184 episodes English Comedy · TV & Film

The Sporting Base

Stay updated with what is going on in the sports world with our very passionate sports presenters. Marcos and Calvin debate about who deserves the title ‘Champion’, the biggest sports events in the world and get the latest on some of the sports drama.
8 Jan 342 episodes English Sports · Sports News

Fearless Mixes

Enjoy 30 minutes of sizzling hip-hop and trap music! Not forgetting the random special editions.
6 Dec 2023 160 episodes English Music · TV & Film

Oh Baby! Bible Stories!

Hey kids! Go on a very fun adventure with T&G as they invite you to join them for the exciting stories they have just for you.
15 May 2023 98 episodes English Kids & Family · Education


A game show with the latest and greatest - get expert reviews on the best games, the worst games and new games. Become a pro gamer with Mlindeni today.
5 May 2023 43 episodes English Arts · Video Games

Be Inspired

This show is all about giving you the inspiration to never give up or burn out. The Gentlemoon interviews successful people from different careers and spheres of life - finding out what inspires them, and getting some amazing tips for you to be able to apply.
19 Apr 2023 63 episodes English Society & Culture · Education

Inspiration For Today

Need some motivation? Enjoy some very encouraging and inspiring talks with Ps Gavin and Vicky Enslin. Discover the secret to a successful and peaceful life.
3 Mar 2023 452 episodes English Self-Improvement · Religion & Spirituality

It's A Mom's Life

Struggling to cope as a mom? Not sure if you are raising your children right? Wish you had more time to yourself? Dee and Thando talk about balancing everything as a mom and not just balancing your life but doing it well. Awaken the super mom inside of you!
12 Jan 2023 101 episodes English Kids & Family · Society & Culture

The Turn't Table

HipHop has become the biggest genre in the world, but it is not just a genre of music, it is a CULTURE and is still somewhat an untapped market. HipHop infiltrates and influences many different facets of our lives. It influences the way people talk, dress etc. It has a…
3 Jan 2023 28 episodes English Arts · Music

The Kairos Moment

Kairos Moment is an Opportunity or Season of Spiritual inspiration in your life, that will ultimately lead you to making the right decisions and Choices in life.
6 Dec 2022 43 episodes English Religion & Spirituality · Education
1 – 20