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The V.A.R Show

This show is for every football lover out there.
V.A.R is a video assistant referee in football who reviews decisions made by the Head Referee.
DJ Sticks & DJ Stones are the new and improved V.A.R - they are here to review how the teams and players are performing.
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Weekly English South Africa Sports · Soccer
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The Bottle Job

Borussia Dortmund joins Arsenal in the bottling campaign as they failed to secure a victory at home to give them the Bundesliga title after a thirteen year wait.
29 May 24 min

Season Rapups Part 2

Manchester City crowned Champions of the Premier League for the third time in row and seek to win the treble. DJ's Stones and Sticks question each other to see who is a better supporter of their respective clubs.
22 May 33 min

Seasons Rapups Part 1

Its almost the end of all football seasons, games are coming to an end and teams ar e only a few matches away from being crowned champions.
15 May 24 min

30 Year Wait For Napoli

Napoli finally have their hands on Serie A silverware after 30 years of being dominated by the likes of Inter Milan, AC Milan and to a lesser extent Juventus.
8 May 21 min

The Race For Europe

The Premier League is at the edge as we get closer to the end of the League games, while Manchester City and Arsenal fight at the top Newcastle and Manchester United fight to remain in the top 4.
1 May 22 min

No Trophies For Arsenal Just Bottles

Arsenal bottle their chance of winning the premier league title after a draw against Southampton, leaving a gap for Manchester City to possibly take over.
24 Apr 20 min

Hakimi Divorce, Everton Out Of EPL

Achraf Hakimi escapes a big payout to his current ex- wife after it is found out that nothing he has is under his name except a monthly Salary, which also gets paid to his mom’s account.
17 Apr 29 min

UEFA Rankings

DJs Sticks and Stones discuss Mamelodi Sundown's consecutive PSL victories and the low level of football in South Africa's national, and also talk about the updated squad rankings.
3 Apr 33 min

US Men's Football

On the VAR show, presenters go American with the football and this is all about the U.S men's football.
27 Mar 36 min

FIFA The Big Change

FIFA is adding some big changes to football, International football that is. Tournaments will be extended as well as mounts of teams.
20 Mar 26 min

Super League Is Back

People in the football world are trying to bring the super league back .
20 Feb 41 min

Chelsea vs Liverpool Who's Worse

Chelsea and Liverpool are two of England and the world's biggest clubs with a very rich history but, this season they seemed to have fallen far from the pecking order and both find themselves at bad positions in the English Premier League.
23 Jan 32 min

Was It A Goal

The V.A.R reviews The biggest football derby, Manchester United 2 Manchester City 1. Did the referee make the right call on Bruno Fernande's offside goal?
16 Jan 28 min

Qatar Part 2

The highly anticipated World Cup has gone, Argentina the victors over France in what was a very tight game but ended in penalties.
9 Jan 17 min

Qatar Part 1

The World Cup is very heated some really unexpected performances from teams that did not look promising.
2 Jan 16 min

Signing Of The Year

It has been a busy year for players and clubs but as things approach the beginning of the second half of football seasons decisions made during transfer seasons have been reaped and we see who was really worth the money.
26 Dec 2022 23 min

UEFA History

This is a show on the history of football’s biggest club competition. All the highlights that date back to the golden oldies and compared with today’s shining stars.
19 Dec 2022 28 min

Football Money

Football is more than just a sport theses days but also has a ton of business aspects to it. Where should money in football and teams go and how is the best way to invest it?
12 Dec 2022 21 min

World Cup Eliminations

The World Cup is very intense and as we know it some of the nations most people expected to do well are having a rather disastrous start to the competition. Some big names are making an early exit in the World Cup.
5 Dec 2022 26 min
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