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Oh Baby! Bible Stories!

Hey kids!
Go on a very fun adventure with T&G as they invite you to join them for the exciting stories they have just for you.
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The Ten Virgins

This is the story of the ten virgins and how their lack of preparation cost them a great deal.
15 May 2023 2 min

The Lost Sheep

Hey kids! Go on a very fun adventure with T&G as they invite you to join them for the exciting stories they have just for you.
8 May 2023 2 min

The Lord Is My Shephard

This is not a story but a prayer that everyone of all ages can pray and it teaches us to trust in God, which counts for faith building.
1 May 2023 2 min

Easter - Crucifixion

This is a story about our Lord and SaviorJesus Christ and His Journey to the cross.
24 Apr 2023 3 min

Devil In The Desert

This is the story about Jesus and when he got tempted to sin during a time of fasting bye the enemy.
17 Apr 2023 2 min

The Holy Spirit Is A Person

The Holy Spirit is more than just the spirit of GOD, it is the power of GOD with us here on Earth that allows us to do what Jesus did, and is a friend of all Christians who are close to GOD.
27 Mar 2023 3 min

The Faithful Daughter

This is the story of a young lady who was faithful and Jesus noticed her.
6 Mar 2023 3 min

Teaching Nicodemus

Jesus teaches Nicodemus a pharisee what it costs to get in to the Kingdom of God.
27 Feb 2023 2 min

John The Baptist

This is the story of John the Baptist a man chosen by God to reconcile people into their relationship with God.
20 Feb 2023 3 min

David And Goliath

This is a show about how a shepherd boy was used by God to defeat a great philistine giant.
13 Feb 2023 4 min

The Tower Of Babel

This is the story of how confused people who tried to go against what he had established and create their own tower.
6 Feb 2023 3 min

Daniel In The Lion's Den

This is the story of Daniel and how his faith had made him well after being placed in a lion’s den.
30 Jan 2023 1 min

Moses Burning Bush

After Moses finds out who he really is God speaks to him in a bush telling him to go and tell Pharaoh to set the captives free.
9 Jan 2023 4 min

Moses Saved To Serve

This is the story of Moses an Israelite delivered to the hands of Egyptian royalty for a purpose by God.
2 Jan 2023 3 min

The Birth of Jesus

This is the story of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and how he was born in to the world. His birth sought after the attention of many people including Kings.
26 Dec 2022 6 min

Psalm 91

Thando and Gloire discuss the scripture found in the book of Psalm which speaks about Gods covering over our lives.
19 Dec 2022 4 min

Jesus Washes The Disciples Feet

Jesus displays great humility before his disciples as he washes their feet, teaching them the importance of serving.
12 Dec 2022 3 min
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