Actuarial Society of South Africa Actuarial Society 2016 Convention

Actuarial Society 2016 Convention

Actuarial Society 2016 Convention
Cape Town International Convention Centre
Cape Town
23 – 24 November 2016

The Actuarial Society’s 2016 Convention built on the success of last year’s Convention, with feedback on the Convention being used to provide an even better experience.

We welcomed over 1500 Actuarial Society members to an event that was professionally enriching and challenging, with opportunity to both learn and contribute.
Once-off English South Africa Business
45 Episodes
1 – 20

DAY 1: Opening Remarks and Plenary Address

OPENING REMARKS | Roseanne Murphy da Silva, President of the Actuarial Society of South Africa PLENARY ADDRESS | Joan Lamm-Tennant, CEO of Blue Marble Microinsurance
15 Dec 2016 42 min

DAY 1: Curious Conversations

Learning from Actuaries in Leadership Roles : Nina le Riche (Facilitator), Andrew Warren, Sandy Govender, Mahesh Cooper, Marjorie Ngwenya, Deane Moore
20 Dec 2016 58 min

DAY 1: Exposure Manangement

Exposure Management in Short Term Insurance: The impact of change in exposure, data and regulation, Bridget Bernon, Carla Fasana, Hannes van Rensburg
20 Dec 2016 44 min

DAY 1: Climate Change

The Earth, Humanity, the Economy and the Actuarial Profession, Rob Thomson, Taryn Reddy, Sam Gutterman (IAA Presentation)
20 Dec 2016 1 hr 35 min
1 – 20