DAY 1: Life Insurance - International capital management

What the rest of the world has been looking at while South African has been focussed on SAM - Marc Slutzky, David Kirk
19 Dec 2016 English South Africa Business

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DAY 1: Opening Remarks and Plenary Address

OPENING REMARKS | Roseanne Murphy da Silva, President of the Actuarial Society of South Africa PLENARY ADDRESS | Joan Lamm-Tennant, CEO of Blue Marble Microinsurance
15 Dec 2016 42 min

DAY 1: Climate Change

The Earth, Humanity, the Economy and the Actuarial Profession, Rob Thomson, Taryn Reddy, Sam Gutterman (IAA Presentation)
20 Dec 2016 1 hr 35 min

DAY 1: Curious Conversations

Learning from Actuaries in Leadership Roles : Nina le Riche (Facilitator), Andrew Warren, Sandy Govender, Mahesh Cooper, Marjorie Ngwenya, Deane Moore
20 Dec 2016 58 min