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TCS+ | Why a ‘shift left’ approach to software development matters

The software development process has evolved dramatically in recent years to keep up with the growing demand for delivering high-quality software in the fastest time possible. Unfortunately, in the past security was often tacked on as an afterthought and testing only happened towards the end of the life cycle. And…
23 Mar 18 min

TCS+ | Chip maker MediaTek brings next-gen connectivity to Africa

Africa is by no means going to be left behind in technology and connectivity, according to chip developer MediaTek. 5G, it believes, is going to revolutionise the capabilities of mobile handsets, drive home automation and bring feature-rich capabilities to our vehicles. In this episode of TCS+, TechCentral’s James Erasmus spoke…
15 Mar 19 min

TCS | Yugen Naidoo on Lenovo and the future of the PC

The PC industry has been through a boom-and-bust cycle in the past few years, with demand first spiking higher due to Covid and work-from-home measures, only to fall back as people returned to the office. Despite this, there’s plenty happening in the PC space, including interesting experimentation with new form…
10 Mar 26 min

TCS+ | The need for speed: Braintree's Heath Huxtable on modern IT infrastructure

TCS+ | The need for speed: Braintree's Heath Huxtable on modern IT infrastructure The need to deploy servers and supporting software applications hasn’t changed, but the way these deployments are done has. The days when teams of highly skilled consultants and technicians entered a customer’s environment and made a slew…
9 Mar 24 min

TCS | Mastercard’s Robert Brine on the fast changing world of payments

Robert Brine, director of Cyber & Intelligence Solutions at Mastercard in Southern Africa, joins the TechCentral Show (TCS) to talk about security in the global payments industry. Brine tells TechCentral’s Duncan McLeod about the security challenges in the fintech and financial services space, and what consumers and businesses need to…
6 Mar 35 min

TCS Impact Series | Tech leader Trustlink rebrands to 'TechFin', Omnea

Having been at the vanguard of the fintech movement in South Africa, Trustlink is rebranding and repositioning itself as two independent businesses, now called Omnea and Tegra. With this move, the company aims to become omnicompetent, omnipresent and omnichannel with a focused approach for each business entity. Dr Philip Tromp,…
24 Feb 17 min

TCS Impact Series | Ricoh SA drives digital transformation with DocuWare

Rifling through filing cabinets in search of the one critical file that has brought your business to a standstill is an arduous and painful task that nobody enjoys. Fortunately, those days are over. Ricoh South Africa is now an expert in the field of electronic records management. In addition, the…
22 Feb 31 min

TCS | The inside story of toco, the Stellenbosch-born digital currency

TechCentral on Tuesday broke the news about Toco, a new payments platform and associated digital currency, toco, backed by the founder of Vumatel. Now Toco CEO Paul Rowett joins the TechCentral Show (TCS) to chat about the project, which aims to fight climate change by “fixing the current economic model…
21 Feb 41 min

TCS | How Naked got covered – Alex Thomson unpacks huge funding round

Naked Insurance, the South African digital insurance start-up, announced earlier on Wednesday that it has secured US$17-million (R306-milliomn at the time of writing) in a series-B funding round. Alex Thomson, Naked’s CEO and a co-founder of the company, joins Duncan McLeod on the TechCentral Show (TCS) to unpack the investment,…
15 Feb 20 min

TCS Impact Series | How to get the better of load shedding

Unreliable power supply due to excessive load shedding has most South Africans worried about the future. However, every consumer can make a difference by using technology. For example, automation can make the job of managing and saving energy less expensive and arduous. Similarly, making use of the internet of things…
15 Feb 17 min

TCS | Brandon Doyle on Convergence Partners' new infrastructure fund

Convergence Partners CEO Brandon Doyle joins Duncan McLeod on the TechCentral Show (TCS) to unpack the recently announced closing, at $296-million (R5.3-billion), of the private equity company’s new Digital Infrastructure Fund. Convergence Partners, which is chaired by well-known South African technology investor and entrepreneur Andile Ngcaba, unpacks what the fund…
14 Feb 43 min

TCS | Pinnacle’s Tim Humphreys-Davies on the state of the IT nation

Tim Humphreys-Davies, CEO of Alviva Holdings-owned technology distributor Pinnacle, believes the worst of the supply-chain challenges that afflicted the global and local tech industries in recent years is largely over. Speaking on the TechCentral Show (TCS), Humphreys-Davies explains that although there are still some challenges in the networking space, the…
9 Feb 29 min

TCS | Inside AfriForum's plan to deploy modular nuclear reactors in SA

AfriForum, the vocal Afrikaner civil rights organisation, wants to deploy pebble-bed modular nuclear reactors (PBMRs) in South African communities to help solve the country’s crippling energy woes. But why PBMRs? And how will the project work exactly? It might seem strange for a non-governmental organisation like AfriForum to want to…
3 Feb 38 min

TCS Impact Series | Cybersecurity: not sure which direction to move?

Amid intense disruption in recent years, cybercrime has skyrocketed as attackers continue, and even ramp up, their schemes in times of crisis. And as the threat landscape evolves, cybersecurity solutions need to evolve, too. Concurrently, while C-level executives’ minds are used to looking at things through a business lens, this…
2 Feb 23 min

TCS Impact Series | Akhram Mohamed unpacks the new Huawei Mate50 Pro

Huawei Technologies has officially launched its flagship Mate50 Pro smartphone in South Africa, and the company’s Akhram Mohamed is in the studio to tell TechCentral’s audience all about it. Mohamed, who is vice president of operations at Huawei Consumer Business Group South Africa, unpacks the key features of the Mate50…
2 Feb 27 min

TC|Daily | Rob Godlonton on his plans for +OneX - and what went wrong at EOH

In the final TC|Daily interview of 2022, Duncan McLeod is joined in the TechCentral studio by +OneX founder Rob Godlonton for a wide-ranging discussion on the company and the South African IT sector more broadly. Godlonton tells McLeod about his career history, including the 10 years between 2009 and 2019…
14 Dec 2022 34 min

Impact Series | KnowBe4's Anna Collard unpacks her predictions for 2023

Although it’s not easy to predict the year ahead, one thing is certain: cybercrime will become more prevalent and will, if it’s not already, become a risk agenda for company boards. Anna Collard, senior vice president of content strategy and evangelist at KnowBe4 Africa, recently attended the World Economic Forum’s…
12 Dec 2022 23 min

TC|Daily | Alan Dickson on why Reunert is thriving

Despite being one of South Africa’s oldest companies – it was founded in 1888 and listed on the JSE in 1948 – Reunert is a picture of health. The group, which owns assets in engineering, electronics, IT and defence, last month reported a 16% improvement in full-year revenue to 30…
7 Dec 2022 45 min

Impact Series | Anna Collard: ‘Be mindful and vigilant for better security’

Cognitive overload is leading to obvious security vulnerabilities as the wave of cybercrime gets worse. We can’t risk being hacked as a result of being distracted, yet many employees risk making critical mistakes, especially if they are overstressed. Can we promote a happier, healthier and safer working environment by taking…
6 Dec 2022 21 min

Impact Series | Wi-Fi 7 and the future of wireless networking

The constraints on the global and local supply of critical components, compounded by numerous logistics issues, has made 2022 a challenging one for the ICT industry. Although industry players have made every effort to deliver, when there are no parts there really are no parts! TechCentral’s Impact Series jumped into…
2 Dec 2022 22 min
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