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TechCentral (main feed)

This is the main feed for all of TechCentral's shows and podcasts, including TCS - The TechCentral Show and TCS Impact Series. Never miss anything we produce and publish by subscribing to this feed.
1 Dec 530 episodes English Technology · Business

TCS - The TechCentral Show

The TechCentral Show (TCS, for short) is a tech show produced by South Africa's leading technology news platform. It features interviews with newsmakers, ICT industry leaders and other interesting people.
1 Dec 1AM 65 episodes English Technology · Business


TechCentral's TCS+ is a business technology show that brings you interviews with leaders in South Africa's technology industry - and further afield. It showcases the latest products and services available to businesses large and small. In short, it offers in a window into what's possible. Episodes of TCS+ are sponsored.
29 Nov 47 episodes English Technology · Business

Everything PC

Everything PC is a weekly podcast series aimed at South African and global computer enthusiasts. Hosted by Duncan McLeod and Gerhard Pretrorius, season 1 takes a deep dive into the semiconductor industry, with episodes dedicated to AMD, Intel, Nvidia and Apple.
28 Oct 2022 12 episodes English Explicit Technology · Tech News


Your hosts Duncan McLeod and Regardt van der Berg talk about all things technology, local and international.
19 Apr 2020 167 episodes English Technology · Tech News

Cars & Gadgets

Cars & Gadgets is the newest podcast from TechCentral. Hosted by Nafisa Akabor, it looks at the latest gadgets - from smartphones to laptops and from headphones to smartwatches - as well as the latest from the world of motoring, with a particular slant towards electric cars. Because cars are…
16 Mar 2020 11 episodes English Technology · Automotive


Only the best rock music, from the folks at TechCentral.
13 Oct 2018 10 episodes English Music

The Best in Tech

Join Regardt van der Berg for a look at the latest in consumer technology, from smartphones to computers, and from action cameras to drones - and everything in between.
28 Aug 2018 8 episodes English Technology · Tech News