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Unions express alarm over imminent mining job cuts

A round-up of news updates, including a look at the role the private sector can play in fixing SOEs in light of port delays. A look at the country’s looming jobs bloodbath, what can be done to prevent job losses and why SA needs to make its own medicines.
29 Nov 5AM 30 min

[TOP STORY] Unions suspect cables in disrepair caused Implats tragedy

‘I know that for some time now Num and Amcu and so on have complained about the Mine Health and Safety Inspectorate not effectively investigating and checking on winch cables, which are incredibly important,’ says David van Wyk, mining analyst and chief researcher at the Bench Marks Foundation.
28 Nov 7AM 6 min

Higher HIV prevalence among women concerning

A round-up of news updates, including a look at SA’s mining safety record in the wake of the Implats Rustenburg mine tragedy. A look at the prevalence of HIV in South Africa, and what’s behind the latest high stages of load shedding.
28 Nov 5AM 34 min

[TOP STORY] Transnet, Eskom crises cause SA economy to miss the boat

‘Bloomberg points out that really South Africa's actually been left behind here. It's missed out on the biggest rally for this asset class, emerging markets, since January. Not just the load shedding but also South Africa's populist policies,’ says Annabel Bishop, chief economist at Investec.
27 Nov 8AM 7 min

Fight against gender-based violence must be intensified

A round up of news updates including a look at the impact of organised crime on SA’s economy. Analysis of the impact of the challenges at Transnet and Eskom for the country’s economy and calls for legislation to be amended to curb violence against women and children.
27 Nov 5AM 33 min

[TOP STORY] Repo rate expected to ‘remain reasonably high’ into 2024

‘I don't think that this is a unique sentiment for South Africans. I think that this is playing out in the global environment where central banks are most likely approaching the end of the interest rate hiking cycle, but maintaining quite a lot of caution,’ says Sanisha Packirisamy, economist at…
24 Nov 7AM 5 min

Eskom feels the heat

A round-up of news updates, as Eskom escalates load shedding to stage 6 amid a serious heatwave. A look at the Gauteng Government’s failures on climate change, Sarb's warning on salaries, and think twice before buying that Black Friday musical biscuit maker.
24 Nov 5AM 33 min

[TOP STORY] President calls for decolonisation of SA’s education system

‘We concentrate more on European history and in latter years American history and things like that. We, in fact, need to be looking at the continent first, develop a strong sense of the African culture within our education system,’ says Basil Manuel, executive director of the National Professional Teachers’ Organisation…
23 Nov 7AM 7 min

Black Friday concept needs to be reviewed.

A round-up of news updates, including the call by President Ramaphosa for the speeding up of decolonisation of SA education. Further insights into the worsening situation at Durban Port, the controversy around the two-pot retirement system, and Black Friday madness, is it time to review the whole concept.
23 Nov 5AM 32 min

[TOP STORY] World Bank report: High cost of crime to SA

‘We find that the overall cost is at least 10% of GDP. It comprises of what we call transfer costs, which are the direct losses that households and businesses are suffering from theft and robberies, and that's about 3% of GDP,’ says Bénédicte Baduel, senior economist at the World Bank.
22 Nov 10AM 6 min

Blame game as Cape police become crime targets

A round-up of news updates, including why police in Cape Town are crime targets. A look at the new World Bank report on the economic impact of crime in SA, parliament passing a motion to close the Israeli embassy in SA, and the tricky process of tertiary student funding.
22 Nov 6AM 33 min

[TOP STORY] Africa 2024: Regional supply chain forecast to grow

‘Two or three years ago, you may have had regular supply out of Asia, companies are now saying, we can't afford to take that chance, we can't afford to take those risks. So there is already a movement towards shorter supply chains, regional supply chains, which I think is of…
21 Nov 7AM 6 min

Political scenarios SA could see post 2024 elections

A round-up of news updates, including the parlous state of SA's drinking water. A look at the Checkers and Pick n Pay packaging row, the prospect of working political coalitions in SA, and why several shopping malls nationwide are going under the hammer.
21 Nov 6AM 33 min

[TOP STORY] Road congestion chaos suspends Richards Bay exports

‘Around the world, people are looking at us and saying, if I cannot get my goods out of South Africa through ports, I'm going to use a different port, or what the heck, I'm going to go and buy it from somewhere else,’ says Gavin Kelly, CEO of the Road…
20 Nov 10AM 8 min

IEC confident in its online registration process

A round-up of news updates, including the suspension of trucked cargo into Richards Bay Port due to congestion on public roads. A look at the IEC’s big voter registration drive over the weekend, the shortage of anti-venom supply ahead of snakebit season, and is there a rise in anti-Semitism in SA.
20 Nov 5AM 31 min

[TOP STORY] New report reveals profiteers in SA energy crisis

‘Our attempt in this report in particular is just to reinvigorate that conversation and shine the light on all of the actors, both private and public, who are in this space and are, again, positioning themselves to make a lot of money,’ says Michael Marchant, head of investigations at Open…
17 Nov 10AM 8 min

[TOP STORY] Chief Justice crossed a line with comments - Casac

‘That for us is the kind of speech that judges should not engage in publicly, especially in an interview, because we know that interviews tend to take a life of their own and it’s not the kind of controlled environment that judges are used to,’ says Dan Mafora, senior researcher…
16 Nov 8AM 6 min
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