The #CountryDuty show is a show about you and us as South Africans heeding the call to serve our country. #CountryDuty is a voice for the voiceless and a tool that came about to foster change and ensure that there is accountability. Mzansi Twitter had a void and #CountryDuty filled it by providing a platform to be heard.

Other than waiting for statements to be issued during what was the height of a President reshuffling his deck of cards under the cover of darkness, Twitter rallied together under the leadership of Tumi Sole and called people to action.

On the show we will discuss matters of national importance, rally together partners, sponsors and friends to assist those in need.
Weekly English South Africa News · Society & Culture
30 Episodes
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The Technical Recession

The #CountryDuty team speak to the founders of Rand Swiss, Viv Govender and Gary Booysens - alongside their resident economist Dumile Mzimela, on the technical recession and its effects.
12 Sep 2018 53 min

Femilogue Feedback

Buhle Dlulane, founder of BEE Feminist, gives us feedback on her Femilogue - as well as her future plans.
8 Aug 2018 47 min

The Rising Cost of Living

The #CountryDuty team discuss the rising cost of living in South Africa with economist Dumile Mzimela.
11 Jul 2018 48 min

Spotlight on Men & Fathers

With Father's Day approaching, the #CountryDuty team look at fathers through a different lens. They are joined in studio by Bangi Msikinya, who's pushing the initiative #BestMale24. They talk patriarchy, men's role in female abuse, the state of fatherhood, why men are angry, and what solutions may be available for…
13 Jun 2018 47 min

Racism in the Workplace

Racism is still an issue that continues to affect the lives of many South Africans. Tumi and his guest Tholoana dissect the matter of racism in the workplace - its subtle existence, how it has affected them on a personal level, and ways in which it can be dealt with…
23 May 2018 52 min

BEE Feminism

#CountryDuty speaks to BEE Feminist founder Buhle Dlulane about her movement and the Youth Day femilogue she is hosting on the 16th of June.
17 May 2018 47 min

Autism & Katlego Joja

Chulayo Khofu - a mother to an autistic little boy - joins #CountryDuty to discuss the challenges and to raise awareness for autism. They are also joined in studio by leadership from #NotInMyName to discuss the efforts taken by them to help find Katlego Joja.
9 May 2018 50 min

The IAAF & Testosterone

The #CountryDuty team speaks to Prof. Steve Cornelius on the new policy from the IAAF regarding testosterone levels being reduced before competitions, and his resignation in protest against this.
2 May 2018 39 min

The Hate Speech Bill

This week #CountryDuty speaks to attorney Tholoana Ncheke on the Hate Speech Bill and its effects.
25 Apr 2018 52 min

The Khoi-San Land Summit

#CountryDuty speaks to Dr Leonard Martin on the First Nation status and the upcoming National Consultative Conference 2018 of the Khoi-San from 22 - 27 April 2018.
19 Apr 2018 48 min

Living with Lupus

#CountryDuty had Pontso Moiloa and Itumeleng from Drive Lupus to educate us on Lupus and the organisation that supports people living with it.
11 Apr 2018 49 min

Remembering Mama Winnie

#CountryDuty remembers Mama Winnie Madikizela Mandela, the Mother of the Nation, a heroine in her own right. Rest in Power Qhawe. We also speak to some great NGOs about the community projects they are currently engaged in.
4 Apr 2018 50 min

Land, Law & Economics

#CountryDuty talks land, law and economics with Adv Ngcukaitobi, Economist Dumile and Poet & Attorney Makhafula Vilakazi.
28 Mar 2018 51 min

The Politics of Land Reform

#CountryDuty discusses the political aspects of land distribution with Dr Ntsikelelo Breakfast, and the importance of land reform for black South Africans with Deputy President of the BLF, Zanela Lwana.
14 Mar 2018 50 min

Land Distribution: History & the Law

A robust discussion with #CountryDuty Legal Strategist Bongani and friend of #CountryDuty, Tsebiso, on land distribution and the historical facts that lead us to where we are today. #CountryDuty looks at the motion on land distribution and the importance of public participation.
7 Mar 2018 56 min

The #NewDawn Cabinet, Budget & Land Debate

#CountryDuty discusses President Ramaphosa's so-called #NewDawn Cabinet reshuffle, the effect of the announcements from the Budget speech, and touches on the #LandDebate with Tsebiso.
28 Feb 2018 51 min


#CountryDuty is in conversation with Amanda Dlamini - she discusses her journey as the Banyana Banyana captain, the Amanda Dlamini Foundation, her passion of football and reaching greater heights.
21 Feb 2018 53 min
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