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Fashion in-depth

In this episode, we catch up with fashion connoisseur Marcus Zvinavashe as he breaks down the difference between style and trends. We also explore the idea of the feminization of men through fashion and the local designers doing great work we should look out for. Our celebrity story segment came…
30 Oct 2018 55 min

John Cole Chronicles

Find out how the highly sought after award-winning choreographer John Cole went from selling Mazhanje to being saluted by the Army. We talked about it all the good the bad and the ugly in this episode. Also, find out how an unplanned meet with Dj Sbu scored him an interview…
9 Oct 2018 46 min

Masa To The World!

We weighed in on a number of trending issues such as the ST Johns incident amongst other things. Caroleen Masa came through for this episode and we had a lot to catch up on. We spoke about her upcoming EP, sacrifices she's had to make for her passion, the need…
24 Sep 2018 49 min

All about Vusi

Entrepreneur Vusi Thembekwayo was in Harare recently for the 2018 National Entrepreneurs Forum. Aura managed to attend the forum and she had some gems to share with us from the man himself. And you don't want to miss our sound bite segment "big butt problems", find out how a woman…
22 Sep 2018 35 min

Up Close and Personal with Wellence Mujuru

Well known for his sense of humour and outspoken nature Wellence Mujuru came through to the show and fun was had! We spoke about his childhood, the plagiarism scandal, family and how his Rwisa Cancer Foundation has changed lives! He also cleared the air about rumours that have been circulating…
11 Sep 2018 46 min

Visionaries ft Anoziva Marindire

We are back! We caught up with Anoziva Marindire, founder of "Girls Speak" She shared what her organisation is all about with us and how it has helped young girls harness life skills. We spoke about her trip to New York under the YALI program, dispelled some myths about YALI…
5 Sep 2018 45 min

I have to get my wife! ft Comic Pastor

On this episode we had Comic Pastor come through! We talked about his new track Zvirisei featuring Taurai Mandebvu and Mzimba as well as got information about his New App. He shared a bit about his journey in the world of comedy and how its important for comedians to have…
25 Jul 2018 24 min

The Future of Education and Workspaces ft Pardington Nhundu

On this episode we talked about why Dangote may never find a bae! Winky D's new track Parliament and why Kadem the comic needs to keep rapping! We talked to author/career guidance counselor Pardington Nhundu about his new book, 'how to launch a successful career after highschool'.We explored the future…
15 Jul 2018 1 hr 13 min

Varsity Life Ft Oskarr

On this episode, we talk to one of our popular creative's Oskarr who doubles as a dj and content creator. We talk about varsity life, his journey as a dj and why he created his webseries stereotypes! Do aliens exist? You don't want to miss out on Elliots experiences with…
10 Jul 2018 57 min

Awards Awards Awards ft Kudzanai Thodhlana

In this episode, have you ever wondered what the zimblog awards are about? Do we really need social media awards? Whats the endgame? We talk to the man behind all this, founder of the tribe of influencers Kudzanai Thondhlana to get a better understanding of the award ceremonies. He also…
4 Jul 2018 50 min

The Come Up ft So Profound

In this episode we talk to Arnold Chirimika AKA So Profound about his come up in the arts space, how Delani and Sanni Makalima played a major role in making him the man he is today, how the November 18 march cost Arnold big time and ruined an event that…
26 Jun 2018 1 hr 17 min

Bronco Tales

On this episode we talk about dating in Zimbabwe, the pastor who is demanding a 54million dollar jet from his congregation, the chisipite girls school incident , how cough syrup has ruined lives in Nigeria and how it poses a threat to the youth of Zimbabwe. Also in our celebrity…
19 Jun 2018 45 min

Birth Pains ft Plot Mhako

On this episode, we talk to Plot Mhako about how he got Jibilika started and what it cost him including his brush with the law. We also touch base on some recent issues such as the just ended Bulawayo Arts Awards, Sandra Ndebele singing praises to the government over their…
5 Jun 2018 55 min

Standing Out ft Chef Rumbie

In this episode, we talk to Chef Rumbie about the highs and lows she experienced in the culinary industry. We also talk about her battle with Vitligo , her worst date, the craziest DM she ever got and what the famous model Winnie Harlow said to her. Also on the…
29 May 2018 48 min

Perseverance ft Karen Paida

In this episode we talk to Capitalk fm deejay Karen Paida about her journey and how she dealt with circumstances that pushed her out of her comfort zone. We also talk about what government is missing out on by shutting down Golix and banning cryptocurrencies #bebold. We also explore the…
21 May 2018 50 min

Identity ft Kojo

On this episode,we talk to Kojo,a filmaker from Kentucky, USA. We dig deep into issues that have plagued the black community in America, How Cassper Nyovest may never blow up in the States and why. Also,we delve into the misconceptions held by the black community about Africa
15 May 2018 46 min

What's a creative worth? ft Steph Kapfunde

In this episode we talk to Stephanie Kapfunde founder of the online publication Enthuse about the value of creative's within society and how they can contribute to the economy. We also discuss a certain woman's addiction to bleach and find out which local celebrity had Stephanie freakishly nervous!
30 Apr 2018 41 min

Zezururockstar , no holds barred!

In this episode, we talk about this generations misplaced priorities, dig deeper into BAZ threatening the growth of content creation and gems of wisdom Femi Kuti left Zezuru with when they met also how a loaf of bread played a pivotal role in a situation Amara Brown, Roki and Zezuru…
24 Apr 2018 54 min

Whats up with HIFA?

In this episode we caught up with Tamuka aka Htwonszfynest former manager of Hip Hop group, MMT to discuss what we feel is wrong with HIFA, current trends in Hip Hop culture and his encounter with Minnie Dlamini
17 Apr 2018 48 min

Shaneé Has Her Say

The episode features a new guest, social media personality, Shaneé Rue, who shares her views on the passing of Winnie Mandela as well as her funny celebrity culture with Roki. Elliot and Aura also walk into the bizarre world of Sex Dolls and plug in a debate on a controversial…
10 Apr 2018 26 min
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