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TRI with Coach Parry

Sprint, Standard, Half Ironman or Ironman. It doesn't matter what distance or time you're chasing, what matters is that you TRI. In this weekly triathlon podcast Coach Parry helps you become a better a runner.
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Unfinished Business - Charmaine Botha's one on one coaching call

Welcome back to TRI with Coach Parry! We've changed up the format of these podcasts so today we're catching up with Charmaine Botha, one of our Coach Parry Online Training Club members, as Coach Rudolf answers some of her triathlon questions during this coaching call. During this podcast we find…
10 Jul 2019 34 min

Tips to improve your open water swimming

Today on TRI with CoachParry there is a great question which came from our CoachParry Online Training Club about open water swimming. How is it best to translate performances in the pool to open water? Rudolf gives some great tips to maximise your open water swimming training.  Dont forget if…
14 Feb 2019 5 min

How to approach your nutrition for an Olympic distance triathlon

On today's episode of TRI with CoachParry Rudolf and Brad dive into everything that is needed nutrition wise for an Olympic Distance Triathlon, both on race day and in training. Rudolf also shares how much nutrition is needed whether you're a recreational triathlete or one aiming for a podium finish…
7 Feb 2019 5 min

Top recovery tips for triathletes

What is the best form of recovery for triathletes? With so many fads and products telling you how to recover, its difficult to decide what really is going to give you the most bang for your buck. Our resident triathlon coach, Rudolf gives some great insight into how best to…
31 Jan 2019 4 min

Nutrition tips to get you through a tough morning of training

Feeling RUNGRY after a heavy morning of training? Today's episode of TRI with CoachParry will help you to plan your nutrition for when the hunger strikes after a session or when you have a big training day ahead. Coach Rudolf discusses what is best for post training nutrition and how…
1 Nov 2018 4 min

Triathlon Swimming Drills for Beginners

Welcome to the very first edition of TRI with Coach Parry. Today we welcome our triathlon coach Rudolf Naude onto the podcast to talk about swimming drills for beginner triathletes.
25 Oct 2018 6 min