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All About Theatre with Montecasino

Meet the cast and crew from the various shows happening every month at Montecasino… from classics and drama to comedy shows and musicals – The unView showcases the variety of entertainment and talented artists that we can see on stage all year round.
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Chicago & Equus

On All About Theatre with Montecasino, we celebrate the sexiest musical of all time taking to the stage this week. Grant Towers, Brittane van Loggerenberg and Jenna Robinson Child (cast members of 'Chicago: The Musical') join us in studio with all that jazz. Then top actor Graham Hopkins chats about…
25 Apr 2019 25 min

Chicago The Musical

The longest running American musical opens this week at the fabulous Teatro at Montecasino - seen by over 31 million people across 36 countries, Chicago The Musical takes to the South African stage. Studio guests, producer Hazel Feldman and award-winning actress Ilse Klink (who plays Mama Morton) take us through…
18 Apr 2019 21 min

Men In Tutus & Into The Woods

All About Theatre with Montecasino is filled with fun and dance. Classical ballet tends to take itself seriously, but 'Men In Tutus' merges comedy and ballet into an award-winning hit. The international cast members join us in studio. Singing for her supper, 'Into The Woods' star Candice van Litsenborgh takes…
11 Apr 2019 20 min

Into The Woods & Puppet Guy

All About Theatre with Montecasino takes entertainment to a new level! This week in studio we have the award-winning actress Kate Normington, performing and discussing, the magical musical 'Into The Woods'. Comedian and 'Puppet Guy' Conrad Koch chats about his new show and has us in stitches. Music, magic and…
4 Apr 2019 17 min