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Ultimate Engines

This show is just for you if you love cars or want to get to know more about cars.
Our presenter Glory goes into the details of cars, car parts, interesting car news, car drama and the latest updates in the world of cars.
Weekly English South Africa Leisure · Sports
31 Episodes
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Wrap Up

As Ultimate Engines season comes to an end... Gloire does a grand show to wrap all things up.
30 Jan 2020 28 min

Range Rover

Gloire ventures into one of the most well known brands globally What is it famous for? Are they really as great as advertising shows them to be?
23 Jan 2020 28 min

The 7th Series

So what will you be doing with cars in 2020? What cars should you consider buying or driving this year? Gloire gives us a breakdown of what he thinks about The BMW 7 Series - a full-size luxury sedan produced by the German automaker BMW.
16 Jan 2020 30 min

Maintaining Your Car

Gloire features a special guest on today's show as they talk about maintaining your car in the new year. They discuss some crazy maintenance myths that actually aren't true and how you maintain your tyres, so they last longer.
2 Jan 2020 40 min

A Car Lover's Christmas Gift

So how do you give the perfect gift to someone who loves cars this Christmas? Gloire gives a list of the perfect gifts now.
26 Dec 2019 33 min

The Big Ending

Could the age of cars be coming to an end with all the new technological developments? Are cars becoming old fashioned?
12 Dec 2019 24 min

Car Talk

How do you maintain your car and keep it in amazing condition? Is it possible to have a nice car without getting yourself into debt? And how should you look after your car?
5 Dec 2019 33 min

Major Car Films

Gloire and Ellie go through all the major and best car films made in the past few years. Are they accurate? And were they successful, even though the focus was cars?
28 Nov 2019 37 min

Street Racing

Street racing can be a fun sport for adventure-seeking drivers but can also lead to a lot of problems when done illegally. Gloire talks about legal and illegal street racing, what it is about and what's so exciting about street races.
21 Nov 2019 33 min

Jaguar Motors

Gloire talks about everything to do with Jaguar - from car history to current brand productions.
14 Nov 2019 29 min


Gloire explores the different models/ makes of Mercedes Benz. Which 1 is the best?
7 Nov 2019 27 min

Adventurous Aventadors

Gloire takes an exhilarating look into the details of the Lamborghini Aventador and all it's different models. What is so special about these cars?
31 Oct 2019 30 min

Race Car Adventures Part 2

What is so interesting about car racing? DJ Gloire speaks about what makes racing so special and also explores the monster truck.
24 Oct 2019 28 min

Race Car Adventures

DJ Gloire has a very exhilarating show in store today, talking about crazy racing adventures and car racing professionals.
17 Oct 2019 34 min

4x4 Clash

Gloire focuses on 3 of the biggest names in SA when it comes to 4x4 vehicles. Today they go head to head against each other as we compare their statistics and see who is the best.
10 Oct 2019 19 min

Self Driving Cars

Are self driving cars awesome or actually a hazard? Should they be banned? Gloire explores the pros and cons of self driving cars.
3 Oct 2019 30 min

9 Key Features You Want In Your Car

So what should you be looking for when you want to get a car? There are so many features you can choose from when it comes to all the cars out there. Gloire speaks about the features you want your car to have.
19 Sep 2019 35 min

Uber Vs Taxi Driver

Which is safer and more reliable? Gloire goes into a comparison between Uber and taxi's - from their prices to their services. He also looks at why taxi drivers have 'declared war' on Uber drivers.
12 Sep 2019 25 min

GLE63s Vs M6 M

Gloire talks about and reveals which car is better and which car is nicer to drive…
5 Sep 2019 35 min

Ideal First Car

What would be the perfect car to get when you're a new driver or when you want to buy your first car? Gloire reveals the best cars to purchase and why?
29 Aug 2019 59 min
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