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Ford injects R5bn into production of hybrid-electric bakkies

Business Day editor-in-chief Alexander Parker speaks to Ford Africa president Neale Hill about the company's decision to spend R5.2bn to turn its SA subsidiary into the only global manufacturer of plug-in, hybrid-electric Ranger bakkies.
8 Nov 2023 9AM 13 min

Digital innovation no longer up in the clouds

The Covid-19 pandemic is the ultimate catalyst for digital transformation and will greatly accelerate several trends already well under way before the pandemic. According to research by Vodafone, 71% of firms have made at least one new technology investment in direct response to the pandemic. This shows that businesses are…
13 Sep 2020 4PM 6 min

Another farm invasion in Zimbabwe despite promises

Harare — A government official on Friday invaded a farm owned by a white commercial landowner in Zimbabwe in yet another twist that highlights the policy inconsistencies in Zimbabwe’s controversial land reform programme. The farm invasion comes just a few weeks after the government said it will allow some white…
13 Sep 2020 2PM 2 min

LETTER: Put Cyril Ramaphosa’s reform plans to the vote

SA is in a situation: the citizens and the president may be on the same page, but much of the governing party is on a different page, holding back necessary reform as a result. The last time we were in this situation, the president was FW de Klerk and the…
13 Sep 2020 1PM 1 min

LETTER: How will law treat gun-wielding shopper?

It will be interesting to see how the charge against the woman who pointed her gun at “protesting” EFF members is going to be handled. It has taken ages for the case against EFF leader Julius Malema to go anywhere. Irony of ironies, Malema was charged for committing a similar…
13 Sep 2020 1PM 1 min

LETTER: Disney’s disaster a dire warning

Thank you for the space and attention Business Day gave to the controversy surrounding the release of Walt Disney’s Mulan (“How do you solve a problem like Mulan (../../world/2020-09-09-how-do-you-solve-a-problem-like-mulan/)?” September 9). I have been watching the prominent advertising campaign China has been using in SA’s media, including Business Day, to…
13 Sep 2020 1PM 1 min

LETTER: No stamp of approval for pathetic Post Office

What is the purpose of the SA Post Office other than providing sheltered employment for loyal ANC cadres? It was bad enough under Mark Barnes, who quit while he was behind, but it gets no better. Last week I received a medical invoice dated February 24, an income tax certificate…
13 Sep 2020 12PM 1 min

Travels with George Bizos: how the law threw up some bumpy roads

On October 1 2012, the scene was set for the judicial commission of inquiry to commence its hearings into the Marikana massacre. Forty-four people were killed, 34 of them by police, in August of that year. The night before I had been with George Bizos, Jason Brickhill, Miriam Wheeldon, Bongumusa…
13 Sep 2020 12PM 8 min

Will Covid-19 kill off Sandton and other swish business hubs?

When Covid-19 hit there was no doubt that the impact on SA would be huge. For the business community and its leadership, centred in the country’s economic powerhouse, Johannesburg, there were major concerns about the way in which the city could be affected. Now that the country has passed its…
13 Sep 2020 12PM 4 min

LETTER: Race-based redress isn’t the only way

There is now clear blue water between the DA and other political parties in SA after their recent policy conference. The DA has recommitted itself to the principles of nonracism and redress on which it was founded, and proposed alternative redress policies to the failed race-based policies that have not…
13 Sep 2020 11AM 1 min

Why all South Africans should back a basic income grant

There is growing interest in the concept of a basic income grant in SA, brought to the fore by the devastating effects of Covid-19. Many years after civil society and economic advisers first raised the debate, it is once again a proposal deserving our attention as we face up to…
13 Sep 2020 11AM 5 min

China plugs loopholes to curb risks in $49-trillion financial industry

Beijing — China is tightening rules and imposing capital demands on sprawling empires such as Ant Group and China Evergrande Group in its latest attempt to curb risks in the nation’s $49-trillion financial industry. The new regulations will require licences for nonfinancial companies that do business across at least two…
13 Sep 2020 11AM 4 min

Opec to meet in the shadow of a stalling oil market

It was meant to be the week when Opec nations gathered in Baghdad to celebrate the cartel’s six decades as a dominant force in global oil markets. Instead, Opec and its allies will convene online and reflect on whether the coronavirus has thwarted their best efforts to keep the market…
13 Sep 2020 11AM 4 min

US wildfire smoke blotted out the sun — and solar power

New York/Los Angeles — When deadly wildfires tinted Western skies a Martian hue this week, homeowners with their own rooftop solar systems were able to tell with great precision just how much useful sunlight reached them through the gloom: next to none. Wednesday was “the worst generation day, ever”, said…
11 Sep 2020 12PM 4 min

Myanmar erases name of Rohingya village razed in 2017 ethnic cleansing

Cox’s Bazar — Three years ago, Myanmar’s military burnt the Rohingya village of Kan Kya to the ground and bulldozed over its remains. In 2019, the government erased its name from official maps, according to the UN. About 5km from the Naf River that marks the border between Myanmar’s Rakhine…
11 Sep 2020 12PM 9 min

What the UK breaching the Brexit treaty means

London — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is pressing ahead with legislation on trade despite a warning from Brussels that it could wreck any future relationship and an acknowledgment by his government that it violates international law. The Internal Market Bill is aimed at ensuring Britain’s four constituent nations can…
11 Sep 2020 11AM 3 min

Monkeys destined for SA from DRC detained in Zimbabwe

A shipment of 29 primates from Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) was intercepted in Zimbabwe on Wednesday. The illegal shipment was headed to SA. According to a media release from DRC's minister of environment and sustainable development‚ Claude Nyamugabo Bazibuhe‚ three Congolese and a Zimbabwean national have been arrested and…
11 Sep 2020 11AM 1 min

Mauritius spill caused in part by a lack of awareness and Wi-Fi

Tokyo — A shipping accident offshore Mauritius that polluted its beaches with fuel was partly caused by a lack of crew awareness, according to the Japanese company that chartered the vessel. Mitsui OSK Lines also said the ship was using the wrong type of nautical charts as it veered towards…
11 Sep 2020 11AM 2 min

The US education gap between the haves and have nots is only getting worse

It’s no secret that in this economy the well off, or “haves”, have done very well at the expense of everyone else. We see it in the record-high stock market, the expiration of extra US jobless benefits and the higher death rates among black people from Covid-19, to name just…
11 Sep 2020 10AM 5 min
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