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The Final Show

DJ Carey & DJ Eeezy share some of their secrets and what they are planning in the future.
24 Jan 2021 38 min

Fast With Me

What are the pros and cons of fasting? Why should you fast?
17 Jan 2021 41 min


DJ Carey & DJ Eezy provide some amazing tips on how you can get through January without worries, and without being broke.
10 Jan 2021 42 min

2020 Redo?!!!

If you could redo 2020, what would you change? DJ Carey and DJ Eezy go through the most common new years resolutions almost every person finds themselves writing down every year.
3 Jan 2021 39 min

Christmas Was Fun!

How did you spend your Christmas? DJ Carey and Eezy talk about the amazing Christmas food that is most common and definitely suggested. And what are some things that shouldn't be included in your Christmas meal??
27 Dec 2020 43 min

Christmas Talk

Our amusing presenters have a discussion about all things Christmas - from Christmas food to the songs to things you can do during the Christmas season.
20 Dec 2020 39 min

Where's That Ad?

DJ Carey and DJ Eezy go through a hilarious list of failed advertisements and failed products. Did you know such things even existed?
13 Dec 2020 38 min

Vacation Sounds Good

DJ Carey & DJ Eezy talk about places you should go to & things you should take with you. Are vacations a good idea?
6 Dec 2020 41 min

Make It A Come Back

What are some of the awesome things that were trending in the past that should come back?
29 Nov 2020 39 min

That Funny Dream

Your entertaining presenters talk about dreams. Why do we dream & does it mean something when we dream?
22 Nov 2020 40 min

The Worst Job

DJ Carey and DJ Eezy talk about the worst jobs in history. What qualifies them to fall under the weirdest or worst jobs list?
15 Nov 2020 37 min

To Eat Or Not?

Does eating less really make you healthier or thinner?
8 Nov 2020 44 min

What Makes You A Woman?

How should a woman carry herself? Are there certain things a woman shouldn't do?
1 Nov 2020 49 min

What Makes You A Man?

How should a man react or respond? What does 1 have to do to be classified as a man?
26 Oct 2020 43 min

What Are You Famous For?

If people had to describe you, what would they say? DJ Eezy and DJ Carey share some of the most hilarious descriptions they have heard about themselves and others.
12 Oct 2020 41 min

Great Inventions

DJ Eezy and Carey talk some great inventions and how these inventions came about.
28 Sep 2020 40 min

That's A Myth

What myths have you been told in your lifetime that you actually believed?
21 Sep 2020 41 min

Why That Nickname???

Caren and Ezra have a very amusing chat about people's nicknames. How do some get nicknames that have nothing to do with their actual names?
14 Sep 2020 40 min
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