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Join award-winning author and social justice journalist, Lauren Jacobs, as she discusses current social issues and the pressing realities pulling on our world's conscience today.
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Voice of Change - Tracy Balzer - Truth behind Celtic Christianity

15.02.2024 - This week on Voice of Change Lauren is joined by Tracy Balzer, whose passion for Celtic Christianity and the rich past of the Celtic believers, has led her to take group trips to the Island of Iona in Scotland. On the show, Tracy uncovers the truth behind Celtic…
15 Feb 48 min

Voice of Change - Aaron Dranoff, founding Director of The Torah Guide

04.01.2024 - This week on Voice of Change Lauren is joined by Aaron Dranoff, founding Director of The Torah Guide, and author of “Judaism, the Messiah, and Jewish Identity.” On the show Aaron talks about how he came to faith in Jesus, the One he recognised as the Jewish Messiah…
4 Jan 40 min

Voice of Change - Catfishing with Anna Rowe

28.12.2023 - Anna Rowe is passionate about helping victims of catfishing and emotional fraud. As the founder of Catch a Catfish, and co - founder of Love Said, Anna is a subject matter expert on catfishing. Sharing her own story with Lauren, Anna shares the deep realities of being a…
28 Dec 2023 44 min

Voice of Change - "Hope in the Holyland" with film producer Todd Morehead

21.12.2023 - This week on Voice of Change Lauren is joined by film producer Todd Morehead who co - created an insightful documentary on the Palestinian - Israeli conflict in the Middle East. This film entitled "Hope in the Holyland," captures the stories of Palestinians, Arab - Israelis, as well…
21 Dec 2023 45 min

Voice of Change - End of year fatigue with Lucinda Valentine

07.12.2023 - On Voice of Change this week, Lauren is hoping to shine some light on the end of the year fatigue so many are feeling, as well as unpacking the impact of survival mode and its toll on mental health and burn out. Her guest, therapist and owner of…
7 Dec 2023 46 min

Voice of Change - Tracey – Lee Aitken - founder and CEO of The Zoe Project

23.11.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren in joined by Tracey – Lee Aitken, founder and CEO of The Zoe Project an NPO working within government maternity hospitals to assist new moms during labour. Tracey – Lee will also be talking about their many services such as bereavement…
23 Nov 2023 54 min

Voice of Change - Tazmin Brits - All things Cricket

16.11.2023 - On Voice of Change this week, Lauren is celebrating cricket with the Proteas men having reached the semi – final in the Cricket World Cup. Joining her to talk “all things cricket,” is Tazmin Brits, South Africa’s opener and Proteas star who has earned herself the “Jonty Rhodes”…
16 Nov 2023 36 min

Voice of Change - Dana Ohana - “Surviving the Attack.”

09.11.2023 - “Surviving the Attack.” This week on Voice of Change Lauren is joined by Israeli Dana Ohana, who has been living in South Africa for over 8 years. On December 7th, Dana was walking her dog on that peaceful Saturday morning in Cape Town, when she heard her sister…
9 Nov 2023 44 min

Voice of Change - Coming in to Alignment with Gods heart about Israel

26.10.2023 - Voice of Change Kelly Ferrari Mills is the founder of Doorkeeper Ministries where she has led worship in countless large conferences and events; as well as teaching the Bible from a Hebraic perspective in many churches across the world. In 2005 she lived at the Jerusalem House of…
26 Oct 2023 44 min

Voice Of Change - Burn survivor Itumeleng Sekhu-Pedi

05.10.2023 - This week on Voice of Change Lauren is joined by burn survivor Itumeleng Sekhu-Pedi. At just 11 months old, Itumeleng survived a raging fire, but lost her right hand and spent 15 years of her life in hospital, along with 104 surgeries and burn scars all over her…
5 Oct 2023 42 min
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