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Join award-winning author and social justice journalist, Lauren Jacobs, as she discusses current social issues and the pressing realities pulling on our world's conscience today.
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Voice Of Change - Jill McElya

01.06.2023 - This week on Voice of Change Lauren is joined by Jill McElya, an attorney, whose experience includes extensive public service, in both criminal and civil law practice. In January 2008, she moved to India to serve as the Deputy Director for the Chennai field office of an international…
1 Jun 42 min

Voice Of Change - Afghan Girls Robotics Team

18.05.2023 - When the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan in 2021, the Afghan Girls Robotics Team made headlines when they were evacuated and given refuge in Qatar. Since then the girls have continued their work with the responsibility to help girls back in their homeland. This week on Voice…
18 May 38 min

Voice Of Change - Joel Malm - Author and Adventurer

04.05.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by speaker, author and adventurer Joel Malm. Joel is the founder of Summit leaders, where leadership coaching and outdoor adventure merge to inspire vision and purpose in today's leaders. Joel is passionate about helping people navigate through seasons of…
4 May 33 min

Voice Of Change - Yolande Korkie

27.04.2023 - Yolande and Pierre Korkie were teachers in Yemen when they were kidnapped by Al - Qaeda. Yolande was released but her husband Pierre was killed in a failed rescue attempt, her book 558 Days detailed their story of love, forgiveness and faith. This week on Voice of Change,…
27 Apr 40 min

Voice Of Change - Marion Pretorius Peake

20.04.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by cancer warrior, entrepreneur and global award winner, Marion Pretorius Peake. Marion shares deep nsight into her ongoing cancer journey and how her double mastectomy has challenged her sense of what it means to be a woman. With openness,…
20 Apr 42 min

Voice Of Change - Elizabeth Botha, Michael Meyer

13.04.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren welcomes Elizabeth Botha on to the show. Together they discuss gender - specific persecution of Christian women and how women are often the targets of severe religious persecution through violent means. She is also joined by Michael Meyer, managing director of…
13 Apr 45 min

Voice Of Change - Sheila Wray Gregoire

30.03.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by sought - after speaker, blogger and author Sheila Wray Gregoire, to discuss the impact of toxic teachings about modesty, sexuality and healthy relationships, on teenage girls. For over 20 years Sheila has been writing about sex and marriage,…
30 Mar 42 min

Voice of Change - Kganya Mogashoa - Women's history month

23.03.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is celebrating women's history month with artist Kganya Mogashoa. Kganya has created a rand - dollar art exhibition series inspired by women in history, and she discusses the vision of the exhibition as well as the need to learn about women…
23 Mar 46 min

Voice of Change - Fabienne Lanz - 2020 driving champion

09.03.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is celebrating International Women's Day, with racing driver Fabienne Lanz. Fabienne is the 2020 driving champion, whose passion for coaching children has led her to inspire and encourage children to pursue their dreams. She joins Lauren to discuss how she got…
9 Mar 42 min

Voice of Change - one year invasion of Ukraine - Masha & Sarah

02.03.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren marks the one year invasion of Ukraine. On the 24th of February 2022, life in Ukraine was forever changed when Russian forces destructively invaded cities and villages in Ukraine, leaving thousands dead, and millions fleeing for neighbouring countries. She is joined…
2 Mar 46 min

Voice of Change - Dr Lynn Cohick - Specialist in New Testament & women’s studies

23.02.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by Dr Lynn Cohick, a specialist in New Testament and women’s studies. Together, they discuss the ongoing conversation on women’s leadership in the Church, Paul’s letters and writings regarding women and how men often champion female leadership in church…
23 Feb 40 min

Voice of Change - Amanda Cunningham - writer and speaker

09.02.2023 - This week on #voiceofchange, Lauren is joined by writer and speaker Amanda Cunningham. Before Amanda knew the light of Christ, she knew the spotlight of the world as a professional print and runway model for over a decade .Her worth and identity was defined by her work until…
9 Feb 41 min

Voice of Change - Connilyn Cossette - World Cancer Day

02.02.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is commemorating World Cancer Day, joining her to offer hope from her own story is Connilyn Cossette. Connilyn is a multi - award winning author, whose historical fiction has been celebrated around the world. In June 2021, she was diagnosed with…
2 Feb 39 min

Voice of Change - Kelly Jacobs - Effects of loadshedding on mental health

26.01.2023 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren is joined by therapist Kelly Jacobs to discuss the effects of loadshedding on mental health and how to deal with the anxiety and stress accompanied by frequent power outages. Elizabeth from Open Doors South Africa also joins Lauren to discuss the…
26 Jan 42 min

Voice of Change - Zara Zack - Iranian - Canadian photographer

12.01.2023 - On Voice of Change this week, Lauren is joined by Iranian - Canadian photographer Zara Zack. Together, they discuss the ongoing silence of the international community when it comes to the plight of the people of Iran, who are being executed daily for their ongoing protests against the…
12 Jan 42 min

Voice of Change - Jessica Taylor and Stephanie Gilbert

05.01.2023 - Jessica Taylor and Stephanie Gilbert are pastors, as well as pastors wives who love authentically and passionately speak about the intensity of life as a pastor's wife. This week they join Lauren to break down "pastors wives stereotypes," as well as how unhealthy congregational and personal expectations are…
5 Jan 39 min

Voice of Change - Dr Ewan Goligher - Human euthanasia

22.125.2022 - In Canada and several other countries, assisted death (or what is often known as human euthanasia), is legal and frequently practiced. In 2021, over 3% of deaths in Canada was through medical assistance in dying. That equates to 10 000 deaths in 2021 alone. How does this impact…
22 Dec 2022 43 min

Voice of Change - Elizabeth Both - Christian children's persecution

08.12.2022 - This week on Voice of Change, Lauren looks deeply at the violent persecution experienced by Christian children around the world. From forced marriages, to abductions, the denial of education, bullying and living as refugees, persecuted Christian children are facing human rights injustices simply because they are Christians. Joined…
8 Dec 2022 44 min
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