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Moment of Clarity: 'Trust is a must.'

In this Moment of Clarity from Chapter Two of The Leadership Riptide and How to Escape by Tracey Swanepoel, the importance of a trust culture - as opposed to a compliance culture - is discussed. Swanepoel shares interesting examples and statistics to bring home the message that 'trust is a…
24 Nov 2020 5AM 1 min

Moment of Clarity: Tracey Swanepoel on replacing one four-letter word with another

In this Moment of Clarity, Tracey Swanepoel discusses replacing the word 'work' with 'play'. Taken from Chapter 1 of her excellent book 'The Leadership Riptide and How to Escape', Swanepoel shares insightful anecdotes and fascinating knowledge about the origin of the word 'work' and how it, unfortunately, still serves as…
17 Nov 2020 10AM 1 min

Moment of Clarity: Economist Chris Hart on the South African picture

In this Moment of Clarity, outspoken economist Chris Hart gives his brutally honest take on the path down which South Africa is going. Independently minded Hart believes that the hope shored up when President Cyril Ramaphosa took office was false and that, in fact, no positive change has taken place.
26 Oct 2020 6AM 1 min

Moment of Clarity: South Africa is full of heroes - Marilyn Bassin

In this Moment of Clarity, Marilyn Bassin tells BizNews about how ordinary South Africans have stepped up to help the poor and starving where government has failed to deliver. In deeply rural areas, desperately-needed food parcels promised by the state have never arrived. Bassin is one of many South Africans…
8 Oct 2020 8AM 1 min

Moment of Clarity: 'The devil is in the detail' - Kevin Hedderwick

In this Moment of Clarity, former CEO of Famous Brands Kevin Hedderwick stresses the importance of 'good housekeeping' in any business. "Take me to the storeroom and let me look into the fridge," he says. "I'll tell you very quickly if this is a good business or a bad one."
6 Oct 2020 12PM 1 min

Moment of Clarity: 'That industry is unforgiving.' - Kevin Hedderwick

In this Moment of Clarity, former CEO of Famous Brands Kevin Hedderwick tells BizNews founder Alec Hogg about his spectacular career with the food brand which he helped turn into a market leader. "I never chased wealth," he says. "I was in the right place at the right time and…
6 Oct 2020 9AM 1 min

Moment of Clarity: The natural world is critical for human survival

In this Moment of Clarity, film maker and free diver Craig Foster discusses the breathtaking documentary of the relationship he formed with an octopus while snorkelling in the kelp forest in Cape Town near Camps Bay. It has caught the world's attention and Foster tells Linda van Tilburg that he…
21 Sep 2020 3PM 1 min
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