Who are the people behind the brands? What are the marketing and business trends both locally and globally? Hosted by advertising icon Reg Lascaris, Marketshare is a broad-based podcast talking to thought leaders and decision makers who have influenced the way brands are built and positioned in the market. Reg Lascaris is the co-founder of TBWA Hunt Lascaris, South Africa’s premier communication and marketing group. He is the former Regional President for Africa, Middle East and Mediterranean Region, board member for TBWA Worldwide and TBWA board in New York. He continues to sit on several boards and consults to major brands. Reg has won numerous prestigious marketing awards including EY Finalist 'Entrepreneur of the Year',  'Person of the Year Award; and the FM 'Lifetime Achievement Award'. He has also co-authored 5 bestselling books with his 6th and most recent book, 'Lessons from the Boot of a Car' being a no.1 bestseller.
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Coming soon... Marketshare with Reg Lascaris

Who are the people behind the brands? What are the marketing and business trends both locally and globally? Hosted by advertising icon Reg Lascaris, Marketshare is a broad-based podcast talking to thought leaders and decision makers who have influenced the way brands are built and positioned in the market. Coming soon on…
Season 1 / Episode 0 1 min

People, Passion & Perseverance (Nick Davies)

Nick Davies started out in the furniture business, and now he makes sparkling wines. He talks about his journey with Reg Lascaris on this episode of Marketshare, and shares some tips on how to make your small business succeed in an unpredictable world. Plus a few interesting stories from the…
Season 1 / Episode 1 27 min

Big Change brings Great Opportunity (Josh Dovey)

Is the traditional media industry collapsing... or is it just changing radically? How has the global pandemic affected an already struggling sector? In a world of influencers and social media boycotts, where should one even spend their marketing budget? Reg speaks to the CEO of OMD Africa, Josh Dovey, to…
Season 1 / Episode 2 19 min

The Value of a Good Idea (Greig Jansen)

How valuable is an idea? Probably not at all, unless it's properly executed. Someone who did just that is Greig Jansen. He shares his story of coming up with an idea for a healthier soft drink, and how he grew it into a successful business.
Season 1 / Episode 3 21 min

Taking a Leap of Faith (Gavin Heron)

How does someone who has worked as an advertising strategist all over the world, and run a company in China, turn to rubbish? Gavin Heron took a leap of faith (in his business idea and partners) and recycled himself as an eco-warrior. Gavin tells Reg about the skills he learned…
Season 1 / Episode 4 24 min

The Experience Economy (Esh Naidoo)

There's a club that unites people from all over the world. And it's the oldest club of its kind that exists. So how does a brand that is synonymous with dining out, wine, and travel survive the current pandemic? Reg Lascaris chats to Esh Naidoo about the oldest charge card…
Season 1 / Episode 5 22 min

A Culture Blueprint (Ian Fuhr)

Is culture more important than strategy? To create a successful business, knowing your purpose is key. It's about putting people before profit, and service before reward. Find out why chasing the money doesn't work, and many other lessons from Ian Fuhr.
Season 1 / Episode 6 26 min

Rebranding a Country (Peter Economides)

How do you rebuild a country whose government was corrupt, whose economy collapsed, whose unemployment rate was more than 25%... a country whose young people were leaving in droves, looking for new opportunities? No, we're not talking about South Africa - but it took a South African to get the…
Season 1 / Episode 7 19 min

An Innovative Spirit (Simone Musgrave)

What do you do when facing imminent retrenchment... do you turn to drink? That's exactly what Simone Musgrave did by using her innovative skills to create her own drinks company. Find out how she forged her own path in this male-dominated arena, and how following your passion can lead to…
Season 1 / Episode 8 19 min

On Media, Marketing & Life (Jeremy Maggs)

This week, Reg Lascaris turns the mic on someone who usually asks the questions. Jeremy Maggs is a legendary journalist who has become well known across multiple platforms over the years, and he shares stories and experiences from his life in the media.
Season 1 / Episode 9 28 min

Open for Business (Sisa Ntshona)

When your industry - the biggest in the world - is facing an existential crisis, who can you bank on to help steady the ship, and ensure that a once growing sector returns to its former place in the South African sun? Reg chats to Sisa Ntshona, the CEO of…
Season 1 / Episode 10 32 min

The Science of Creativity (Nathan Reddy & Adam Byars)

They have done brand work for countries, banks, cars, drinks and almost every category that exists. Reg Lascaris speaks to Nathan Reddy and Adam Byars from Grid Worldwide about creativity, agility, brand fragility and the future of advertising.
Season 1 / Episode 11 27 min

Purpose beyond Profit (Brett van Aswegen)

Inspired by the fiercely customer centric practices of Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Brett van Aswegen believes that the purpose of a company cannot be to make profits for shareholders... but that profit should be an outcome. Reg Lascaris delves into the brain of the South African CEO of Wonga.
Season 1 / Episode 12 20 min

Don't Judge an Accountant by his Cover (Grattan Kirk)

How does an Irish accountant become the CEO of South Africa’s largest chain of book stores? Reg chats to Grattan Kirk about the state of reading in the country, how book sales have been impacted by Covid-19, and the future of books in a digital world.
Season 2 / Episode 13 19 min

Flexing those Entrepreneurial Muscles (Boris & Sandra Leyck)

If someone told you that you could get your perfect body, gain strength and muscle... and all it would take was 20 minutes a week, would you believe them? Well, Boris and Sandra Leyck say they can do exactly this. Join Reg this week as he goes behind the scenes…
Season 2 / Episode 14 17 min

A Business that Improves with Age (Marc Kent)

In its simplest form, it's really just fermented grape juice. But what makes this drink complex and extremely enjoyable, is the artist who creates it. Reg Lascaris chats to one of South Africa’s legendary wine makers - Marc Kent.
Season 2 / Episode 15 19 min

Bonus: Branko Brkic (mini episode)

Ahead of the release of Reg's full interview with Daily Maverick's Branko Brkic, we're sharing his thoughts on the recent unrest and looting in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng, in this special mini bonus episode.
Season 2 / Episode 16 3 min

A True Maverick (Branko Brkic)

He came to South Africa in 1991, from what was then known as Yugoslavia, and he has since turned the news industry on its head. Reg speaks to Branko Brkic, editor-in-chief and founder of The Daily Maverick.
Season 2 / Episode 17 17 min

Signals & Patterns (Anton Musgrave)

If someone told you that you could create a better tomorrow by understanding the future, you’d probably agree. But how do we do that? This week, Reg Lascaris speaks to futurist Anton Musgrave.
Season 2 / Episode 18 23 min

How to Manifest Success (John Hunt)

Their story started way back in 1983 when two young guys, short on cash but big on dreams, decided to start an advertising business. Reg Lascaris and John Hunt take a nostalgic trip back in time, as they discuss some of the campaigns that put their company on the global…
Season 2 / Episode 19 27 min