After decades of wandering around Africa alternating between hope-inspiring thrills and heartbreaking despair, award-winning journalist and commentator Jean-Jacques Cornish comes to CliffCentral. His twice monthly appearances involve frank discussions on events, developments and trends in the continent with the youngest, fastest growing and poorest population.

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Election Challenges

JJ Cornish has some things to say regarding the Nigerian elections outcome... Peter Obi is already getting his legal team prepped for the challenge. Senegal’s President Mack Sall is challenging the two-term constitutional limit to run for a third - will this hold up? And Kenya has received some generous…
22 Mar 16 min

The 46 Least Developed Countries

JJ Cornish joins the show to discuss a range of topics, including thousands of Tunisians defying the government ban on protests against racist remarks by President Kais Saied, the 46 least developed countries in the world meet, and the Seychelles has a major drug problem.
6 Mar 16 min

Litchis at Christmas time

JJ Cornish joins us to give the latest on the gold imbroglio between South Africa and Madagascar. And African leaders at the AU summit have recommitted themselves to red carding countries that have an unconstitutional change of government.
20 Feb 21 min

The Psyche of the Nation

Rwanda is one of many countries throughout history overreacting when finally gaining some strength. Unfortunately under the rule of Paul Kagame, Rwanda is in full support of the Congolese Proxy, in which North Kivu is being targeted through mass killings, forced recruitment and innocent citizen arrests. Mali has expelled their…
6 Feb 9 min

Tunisians Don’t Vote

Tunisia sees a record low voter turnout of less than 9% for parliamentary elections at the weekend. France ends a visa dispute with Maghreb countries, and Kenya drops lion hunting for the Maasai Olympics, now in its 10th year.
19 Dec 2022 14 min

The AWOL President

JJ Cornish brings us the latest African news which includes ‘bumsters’ criticised for procuring young Gambian men for sex with older Western women, the Liberian president being away for 49 days, and Nigeria opting to scrap teaching primary schoolchildren in English.
5 Dec 2022 16 min

The AU to the Rescue

JJ Cornish shares the latest African news that includes Mozambique starting to ship gas to Europe, new peace talks between DRC and Rwanda set to start next Monday, and the plight of jailed British-Egyptian dissident overshadowing COP27 in Egypt.
14 Nov 2022 21 min

Getting thrown out of South Africa

JJ Cornish gives us the latest African news that includes how the Ethiopian peace talks in South Africa have extended past Sunday, the DRC expels the Rwandan ambassador - alleging Kigali is supporting rebels fighting in the east of the country, and more!
1 Nov 2022 12 min

Flood of the Decade

JJ Cornish joins the team to give us the latest African news that includes Peace Talks ll on Ethiopia moving to South Africa, Western Sahara President Brahim Ghali arriving on the third visit to South Africa - which infuriates Morocco, and one of the worst floods in Nigeria.
18 Oct 2022 14 min

Forgiving Zambia’s Debt

This week we got a request from one of our listeners who wanted JJ to speak about the new Zambian president Hakainde Hichilema, and how he’s keeping the country’s inflation in single digits, his agreement with the IMF about subsidies, and more about him and Zambia in general.
4 Oct 2022 18 min

Rebellion & Immorality

JJ Cornish joins the team for the latest African news that includes Berbers taking to the streets of Brussels to commemorate the Rif rebellion 100 years ago in Northern Morocco, a new Prime Minister for Burundi, and an immoral music festival in Uganda that had officials fearing that the event…
20 Sep 2022 14 min

Elections and Alliances

JJ Cornish gives his insight regarding Kenya's Supreme Court upholding William Ruto's election win. Morocco denounces a French, Algeria, Tunisia alliance designed to prolong the Western Sahara conflict. And Mali and Burkina Faso coup leaders meet over the jihadi attacks.
6 Sep 2022 17 min

A new leader for Kenya

JJ Cornish gives us the latest African news that includes Kenya calling for peaceful acceptance of election results after a protracted vote count, a Coptic church fire tragedy in Giza leaves scores dead and injured in Egypt, and new tensions brew over the mega-dam across the Nile in Ethiopia.
16 Aug 2022 18 min

The Impact of Climate Change

This week JJ Cornish joins the team to give us the latest African news that includes climate change proving to be more deadly for the endangered African Savannah elephant in Kenya than poachers, the coups in Mali and Burkina Faso not reducing the number of jihadi killings, and the oil…
2 Aug 2022 16 min

The Price of Hyena Testicles

JJ Cornish gives us an update about the latest African news, that includes Airlink being allowed to fly to Madagascar after some delays. And the Kenyan presidential candidate offers to legalise dagga, and the sale of snake poison and hyena testicles - to address the country's balance of payments problem.
19 Jul 2022 15 min

The Second Coming in Nigeria

This week JJ Cornish gives the team the latest African news that includes scores of Nigerians rescued from a church while waiting for the second coming of Christ, Sierra Leone drafting a law decriminalising abortion, and the United Nations condemning the storming and torching of the Libyan parliamentary building in…
5 Jul 2022 21 min

The Heart of Darkness

JJ Cornish joins the show to give us the latest African news that includes Patrice Lumumba’s ‘remains’ being returned to his family, human rights bodies urging the Commonwealth to hold Rwanda’s feet to the fire at their summit in Kigali, and Kenyan farmers wanting to resume the multi-million dollar daily…
21 Jun 2022 15 min

Church shooting & Covid in Africa

JJ Cornish joins the team and shares the latest African news that includes a shooting at a Catholic church that killed at least 50 in one of Nigeria’s safest provinces, the new row between DRC and Rwanda over support for M23 rebels in Eastern Congo, and Covid hitting Africa the…
7 Jun 2022 19 min

Tribal Alignment

JJ Cornish brings us the latest African news that includes Hassan Sheikh Mohamud coming back after five years to lead Somalia, and Mali quitting the G5 group in the Sahel - just as it was about to assume the leadership of the group fighting jihadis.
17 May 2022 16 min

Weed to the Rescue!

JJ Cornish shares what is happening around the African continent, including the UN boss making an appeal for Africa hurt by Ukrainian food shortage and the pandemic lockdown, Tunisian President Kais Saied will be putting a new constitution to a referendum in July, and Malawi tobacco farmers turn to dagga…
3 May 2022 14 min
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