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The Drive with Simon Bechus

Be ready to be completely engaged as Simon takes you down a rabbit hole of entertainment. His endless knowledge of music, performers and performances are snackable moments you won't soon forget.
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Simon B talks trail running in George

Ultra race champion Brandon Hulley shares his passion for the sport and highlights the many reasons George is considered to be the hub of trail running.
14 Jun 8 min

Simon B does his bit for gymnastics

Coaches Lisa Gower and Riaan Swanepoel need your help to get the talented Garden Route boys and girls to Portugal for the World Cup Gymnastics competition.
7 Jun 5 min

Vibrant Women only group takes George by storm

Alida Gerber and Tanja Lategan, introduce Simon B to Women Connect George, a rapidly growing group dedicated to creating a supportive space where all women can come together to share, grow, and inspire one another.
24 May 6 min

Taryn Groenewald and Simon B's appeal to George

As is the case across the country, the cat population in George is out of control. Cat lover Simon B,and Taryn Groenewald the founder of Furever Cats , hammer out the issue and appeal to George residents to play their part in any way they can.
17 May 6 min

Dorothy's voice blows Simon B away!

Dorothy Maggerman - a name to remember. Hailing from George the softly-spoken singer has qualified to participate at the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles. But she needs our help to get there.
3 May 6 min

Simon B talks with 'Life Below Zero' star Ricko DeWilde

A reality star like no other, the Athabascan Indian features in National Geographic's Emmy nominated 'Life Below Zero', born and raised in the Alaskan bush, he lives off the land away from any form of civilization.
4 Sep 2023 11 min

The changing face of education

Simon catches up with Rundle College's Sharon Puttick to talk the challenges faced in today's classrooms as technology like AI forces educators to change the way they teach.
22 Jun 2023 5 min
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