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Meet the crypto sceptic who owned and lost more than 50 bitcoin

Marcel Wasserman is a financial advisor who once owned 52 bitcoin, having bought at under R1 000. He became less enthusiastic about bitcoin after losing most of it and selling the rest. Today, he's more enthusiastic about an 'all-weather' portfolio that can ride out good times and bad. He explains…
21 Nov 23 min

Death, taxes and crypto

Thomas Lobban of Tax Consulting SA warns of new OECD regulations that will help tax authorities worldwide to track your crypto transactions no matter where you live.
14 Nov 21 min

Why you might want to own a rand stablecoin

It fixes many of the problems in the existing financial system such as high costs and speed of transaction. Simon Dingle, founder of the ZARP rand-backed stablecoin, explains why stablecoins are the real killer use case for crypto, and why Old Mutual is backing it.
7 Nov 24 min

Are we in for a pre-Xmas rally in Bitcoin ?

It's already up more than 30% over the last month. VALR CEO Farzam Ehsani explains what's behind this explosive move, and VALR's recent partnership with card issuer Visa as a sign of the fusing of traditional finance and crypto.
1 Nov 26 min

Will central bank digital cash ever take off in SA?

Michail le Roux of Hanekom Attorneys says CBDCs are coming and that fears of a snooping state examining all our transactions are overblown. Plus the prospects of voting by cell phone in the future, using blockchain technology to stop the cheats.
25 Oct 28 min

Is Bitcoin's 6 month sideways crawl about to break?

With a bitcoin halving of supply in 2024, Jason Welz, head of digital assets at alternative investment firm Jaltech, points out that all previous "halvenings" have been preceded by a bull run. Will it be any different this time? Plus, some astonishing developments in blockchain technology are about to unfurl…
18 Oct 24 min

Own a slice of property for R100 with new fractional ownership exchanges

Libex and law firm Schindlers have partnered in setting up two exchanges offering investors the opportunity to list and own fractional pieces of assets from farms to residential buildings. Chaz Dunn, innovation head at Libex, and Schindlers managing partner Maurice Crespi explain.
11 Oct 26 min

Crypto scammers have met their match.

Carel de Jager, head of distributed ledger technology at CSIR, explains how he tracked down stolen funds from a Moneyweb reader with a new blockchain tool that is being offered to crime busters worldwide.
4 Oct 32 min

Is the rand ultimately headed to R100 to the US dollar?

Andrew Field, co-founder of BitDirect, explains the history and likely future of money, arguing that the rand will ultimately hit R100 to the US dollar. There's a long history of fiat currency failures. If so, what role does bitcoin play in the future monetary firmament?
27 Sep 28 min

How the crypto industry is redefining ownership

Blockchain is transforming everything we know about ownership. This is the killer use case for blockchain - establishing title to property and, with that, the ability to transfer and trade property rights. It's a fascinating world we are about to enter, explains Steven Sidley, author of 'It's Mine: How the…
20 Sep 27 min

The taxi industry goes cashless

Eastern Cape taxi operators embrace blockchain technology as they ditch cash and start to compete with the major retailers, explains Sonny Fisher of ForUS.
13 Sep 29 min

Converting Namibians to bitcoin one beer at a time

If Nikolai Tjongarero of EasySats meets someone unfamiliar with bitcoin, he gives them the two-minute elevator pitch and buys them a beer, paid, of course, with bitcoin. He's making tons of happy friends and winning them over to bitcoin in the process.
30 Aug 21 min

What happens to your crypto when you die?

Between four and six million Bitcoin have been forever list because the owners lost their passwords or threw away their hard drives. Brandon Sylvester of Sanlam Trust explains that few people realise that cryptos are not automatically passed on to beneficiaries on death. That's a huge potential loss.
16 Aug 15 min

Can cryptos help solve Africa's inflation problem?

Richard Schoeman, CFO at crypto and payments company Yellow Card, explains how Africans have discovered a love for cryptos as a way to shield themselves from inflation and local currency weakness.
2 Aug 21 min

Going gridless bitcoin mining in Africa

Erik Hersman, co-founder of Gridless Mining, explains how the company is using spare power from independent power producers in Africa to set up bitcoin mines, and explores whether private solar power in SA can be turned to profit.
26 Jul 24 min
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