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Can AI predict crypto price moves?

Stuart Perry, co-founder of GG Tech Solutions, explores some fascinating AI developments in financial markets and concludes that AI models are getting much better at predicting price moves in both cryptos and stocks.
17 Apr 32 min

Ditching the rand to survive on bitcoin only

Software developer Kgothatso Ngako is part of a growing network of people who have ditched the rand, the US dollar and any other fiat currency to make their way in life using bitcoin only.
10 Apr 23 min

Bitcoin's rollercoaster: will it be different this time?

VALR CEO Farzam Ehsani talks about bitcoin's famed volatility, why bitcoin's current bull run still has legs, and whether we can expect more rollercoaster action once the bull run exhausts. Or whether it will be different this time.
3 Apr 24 min

Crypto prices are booming, but so are the scams

Carel de Jager, research group leader for distributed ledger technologies at the CSIR, shares insights on some of the new scams where even crypto aficionados are being artfully separated from their wealth and their wallets.
27 Mar 31 min

Institutions flood into bitcoin: What this mean for investors

Wiehann Olivier, digital asset lead at Mazars, weighs in on whether the JSE will follow the US lead in authorising exchange traded traded funds (ETFs) and whether the imminent issue of financial service provider licenses to crypto companies will slam the door on crypto scams in SA.
20 Mar 24 min

Houses for Africa: How Empowa has changed the landscape

Empowa's Glen Jordan explains that the lower end of the housing market in Africa is actually less risky than the mid-market and how the company plans to impact one million families across the continent by 2030 using a blockchain-based financing solution.
5 Mar 25 min

Bitcoin at R1m: Bargain or bust?

Christo de Wit, SA country manager for Luno, talks about bitcoin hitting R1 million and whether it is too late to climb on board.
27 Feb 20 min

Making the case for digital rather than physical gold

Rael Demby, CEO of Scoin and the SA Gold Coin Exchange, explains why digital gold stored on the blockchain is attracting interest from gold bugs, and whether digital gold can be used as a form of stablecoin to park profits after a strong run-up in bitcoin.
20 Feb 19 min

We shouldn’t fear AI, we should rise with it

Former Microsoft executive Kerushan Govender – author of Age Of Agency: Rise With AI – says fears over the impact of artificial intelligence are overblown, that ‘human agency’ trumps machines, and looks at crypto's place in the quest for greater human sovereignty.
13 Feb 25 min

First crypto FSP licences about to drop

Gerhard van Deventer, head of enforcement at the Financial Sector Conduct Authority, says the first batch of financial services provider (FSP) licences are about to be issued to crypto service providers. That will make it easier to shut down crypto scammers before they get started.
23 Jan 29 min

Got surplus solar power? Start bitcoin mining

Jesse Pielke, founder of Hashrate Up, is helping South Africans use surplus solar power generated during the day for bitcoin mining (and it's less expensive than you might think).
2 Jan 22 min

Now you can trade perpetual futures on bitcoin

What on earth are those? Gianluca Sacco, chief operating officer at VALR, explains. Crypto exchange VALR recently announced the world's first perpetual futures on bitcoin, payable in rands, with some interesting use cases.
5 Dec 2023 26 min

Meet the crypto sceptic who owned and lost more than 50 bitcoin

Marcel Wasserman is a financial advisor who once owned 52 bitcoin, having bought at under R1 000. He became less enthusiastic about bitcoin after losing most of it and selling the rest. Today, he's more enthusiastic about an 'all-weather' portfolio that can ride out good times and bad. He explains…
21 Nov 2023 23 min

Death, taxes and crypto

Thomas Lobban of Tax Consulting SA warns of new OECD regulations that will help tax authorities worldwide to track your crypto transactions no matter where you live.
14 Nov 2023 21 min

Why you might want to own a rand stablecoin

It fixes many of the problems in the existing financial system such as high costs and speed of transaction. Simon Dingle, founder of the ZARP rand-backed stablecoin, explains why stablecoins are the real killer use case for crypto, and why Old Mutual is backing it.
7 Nov 2023 24 min
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