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Inkonjane FM Radio Podcast

As we were joined by Reverend Kenneth Moshoe (ACDP Leader ) talking about ANCESTRAL CALLING IN SCHOOLS
24 Aug 2022 3AM 10 min

Amanda Mankayi Radio

Vukanathi Breakfast Show was joined by Amanda Mankayi ,talking abour her brand new song indawo yam follow us on facebook @Inkonjane community radio 'sixoxa sonke' download our app on google play
22 Jul 2022 3AM 11 min

Inkonjane community radio ,podcast

on the 20th July 2022 we where joined by Prince Dumelani Sigcau from Ndimakude Great Place ,regarding to aMampondo King Dom
21 Jul 2022 1AM 52 min

Inkonjane Community Radio Pod Cast

Inkonjane Community Radio ,joined by Nkosi Jongilanga Sgcau in explanation on who has an authority to lead the Pondoland Nation
12 Jul 2022 12PM 40 min