Citizen Justice Network KwaDlangezwa Community Advice Office and ICORA100.4 FM

KwaDlangezwa Community Advice Office and ICORA100.4 FM

KwaDlangezwa Community Advice Office and Resource Centre was formed in 2002 by Zinhle Madima and it is located 30 Km away from Richards Bay.

You can catch Lindokuhle Macuacua of KwaDlangezwa Community Advice Office and Resource Centre with Thandeka Mnguni every Wednesday on the 'Ezomthetho' - 11:30-12:00.
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Lindokuhle Macuacua - Testimonial Show

This week, Lindokuhle Macuacua reflects on several cases he worked on. The interview looks at the successful cases he played a part in, and their journey to success.
20 Feb 2023 22 min

The effects of late birth registration

The show is looking at the negative impact of late birth registration and adults who do not have identity cards. They also touch on who to go or approach in solving such a matter should you find yourself or someone you know a victim.
14 Jul 2022 21 min

Gender-Based Violence and Femicide

The level of gender-based violence and Femicide is one of the issues that has caused discomfort in many communities across the country. Last month, a child was kidnapped and murdered. And now another child is missing. Women in South Africa are in the center of gender-based violence and femicide and…
11 Apr 2022 16 min

Corporal punishment still exists in some South African schools

Some schools in Port Dunford still use corporal punishment to instill discipline, while it and other punishments are not allowed, in terms of the South African Schools Act. One has also noted a few things that need to be fixed and it is alleged that parents do not go to…
11 Apr 2022 25 min

Child Support issues in Port Dunford

The community of Port Dunford has raised concerns over the parents that are neglecting their children because of disagreements amongst themselves. Who is responsible for child maintenance and how can parents cooperate and make sure that they contribute equally to the growth of their child. Lindokuhle Macuacua from Kwadlangezwa Advice…
21 Mar 2022 24 min

Lindokuhle Macuacua on ICORA 100.4 - The abandoning of children

Children who have often been abandoned face challenges in the progression of their lives. In a country like South Africa, for an individual to receive an Identity Document at the age of 16, they need to present their birth certificate. The challenge for abandoned children, especially those who were abandoned…
29 Jul 2021 20 min

Lindokuhle Macuacua on ICORA 100.4 - Child Neglect

The Convention of the Rights of Children declares that every child has a right to be cared for by their parents or guardians and that children should be protected and looked after by adults. South Africa believes in these rights as well, thus being included in the constitution. With high…
29 Jul 2021 24 min

The misuse of disability grant

In South Africa, the constitution states that all individuals should be treated equally and afforded the same Human Rights, regardless of gender, age, race, and other factors. When it comes to people who have a chronic illness, and those with disabilities, Human rights are often debated, based on how society…
29 Jul 2021 22 min

Lindokuhle Macuacua on ICORA FM - Human dignity and traditions

We live in a country that has different traditions, languages, and religions. with these different backgrounds, how do we make sure that one doesn't disrespect other people's beliefs and cultures. Lindokuhle Macuacua from Kwadlangezwa Advice and Resources Centre takes a look at Section 31 and section 10 of the constitution…
9 Apr 2021 24 min

Lindokuhle Macuacua on ICORA FM - Positive Parenting

How can parents keep their children safe from the internet and how can they maintain a good relationship with their loved ones at home. Lindokuhle Macuacua from Kwadlangeza Advice and Recourses Centre and Thandeka Mnguni from ICORA FM are going through a tip sheet created by the global team for…
18 Mar 2021 20 min

Lindokuhle Macuacua on ICORA FM - Family Care

How does one define family care and how does the constitution of the Republic of South Africa protect it? Lindokuhle Macuacua from Kwadlangezwa Advice office advice and resources Centre is in conversation with Thandeka Mnguni from ICORA FM where they unpack the responsibilities that parents, guardian or foster family has…
19 Feb 2021 27 min

Lindokuhle Macuacua on ICORA FM - Police Brutality

While there has been growing concerns over the deaths of ordinary citizens in the hands of police during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown, section 49 of the Criminal Procedure Act 1977 serves as a framework for the use of violence by police officers during an arrest in South Africa. Lindokuhle Mcuacua…
28 Jan 2021 23 min

Lindokuhle Macuacua on ICORA FM - UIF

Many people have been calling Kwadlangezwa Advice Office to understand how they can claim for their Unemployment Insurance Fund after they have stopped working. Lindokuhle Macuacua from Kwadlangezwa Advice office is in conversation with Nozipho Zulu from ICORA where they are looking at the story of a former employee who…
28 Jan 2021 25 min