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Your Money Matters

Managing money and knowing what’s good for your financial wellbeing at every stage of life is a skill. In “Your money matters”, Bruce Whitfield, an established business journalist, tackles every aspect of doing it well. From having adequate protection and savings, managing debt to understanding how your financial choices can make or break you. In thought-provoking talks with financial professionals, Bruce uncovers valuable insights on managing money across banking, life insurance and investments. Listen now for practical ways to manage finances well so you can achieve greater security, financial freedom and more of life’s rewards.
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How life insurance can help to secure your child’s education

Could your children continue their education if something unforeseen were to happen to you? Discovery Financial Adviser, Claire van Wyk & Senior Risk Specialist, Kashmeera Kanji share how life insurance can help to secure your child’s education.
13 May 2021 22 min

Life Insurance for women

Is there a life insurance gap when it comes to women? What kind of cover do women really need? Tune in for insights from Discovery Life’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Maritha van der Walt and Senior Risk Specialist, Kashmeera Kanji.
6 May 2021 25 min

Global investing: Start by asking the right questions

Understanding why you want to invest offshore will inform the how, says author of The South African's Guide to Global Investing, David Joshua. Here he shares insights to help locals gain the right perspective and approach to global investing.
22 Apr 2021 38 min

Pageant queen to property dream: Investing with a plan

Need inspiration? Learn how model turned entrepreneur Jo-Anne Strauss set herself up for success as she and Guy Chennells, product head at Discovery Employee Benefits, share life experience and explain how to put retirement planning into action.
15 Apr 2021 31 min

Can saving for retirement be sexier than it sounds?

Saving is nowhere near as exciting as spending – or is it? The Wealth Chef, Ann Wilson, and head of Research and Development at Discovery Invest, Craig Sher, want to turn SA’s savings culture on its head. Tune in to hear how.
8 Apr 2021 28 min

Little things you do bring big gains to managing money well

Ever thought about your relationship with money? How feelings and behaviour influence your choices? David Zidel and David Leibowitz expose the good and the bad of human nature and money. And, give tips on little steps, behaviours and motivators to manage money well.
18 Mar 2021 33 min